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Color Challenge Week Five…Patina!

I’m sick so I’m gonna make this short.  I sure hope that next week’s color is easier for me because for whatever reason patina really gave me a run for my money!  This was not my first choice, or even my second and I don’t even think my third lol, but I settled on this because it’s the closest I could find to the color.  I also always loved these dresses from Doppelganger and if any designers see this post I would looooove to see this type of maxi dress done in mesh!  My fave part is the incredible boobage, so if you make it you have to have the boobage!  Oh, yes and a quick mention of the hair from Alice Project, it’s currently free for the Where is the Concert Hunt, comes in six menu driven colors and is mesh!  I had never heard of Alice Project or knew they have mesh hair!  Thanks Kismet for the heads up on it, or I never would have known!


Shape: My Own (Not For Sale)

Skin: Lara Hurley – Mia in Tan ~ New! <3

Hair: Alice Project – Zee in brown **MESH** (Where is the Concert Hunt)

Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise Eyes in Celtic Green (Group Gift)

Face Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity & Mon

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Necklace: Caroline’s – Script Letter Necklace Silver

Dress: Doppelganger – Messina Dress in Aqua

Shoes: Nardcotix – Mana Chelo in Ivory

Poses: Olive Juice

F@ck Valentines

Actually in all fairness I have nothing against Valentine’s Day. Even when I spent many of them single in my younger years I was never sour about it. Personally I feel valentines is a day not just for significant others, but for all those that are special in our lives. Now with all that said I simply could not pass up this great little outfit from Onyx Wear! It’s so fun and sexy and of course free! Even better you can ditch the wet tee if you want and just wear the fabulous bra and panties on thier own!


Shape: My Own (Not For Sale)

Skin: Lara Hurley – Mia in Tan ~ New! <3

Hair: Truth – Alexis in Blacks

Face Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity & Mon

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Chest Tattoo: EY:NO – I love my boobs

Belly Tattoo: Tenjin – Beautiful Disaster

Earrings: Boom – G Hoop Earrings

Outfit: Onyx Wear – Fuck Valentines ‘12 (Free on Marketplace)

Poses: Glitterati

So Much Fabulous!

I don’t know where to start, there is so much fabulousness that I want to share with you today! Well first off I bought a new skin! Even though I play around wearing different skins from time to time I usually have what I call my main skin that I wear 95% of the time. Even though I still loved my skin from Tuli( and might still wear it) I just couldnt resist the urge to find something new, afterall it’s been close to a year since I have bought one. I discovered Lara Hurley skins during the With Love Again Hunt, and vowed I would go back and try out other skins. Well needless to say when Mia was released and I saw it around the feeds I finally tried it on for myself and fell in love. I know I’ve found the right skin when I don’t want to take it off! I absolutely love the face and makeups for Mia, plus the fact it came with dark eyebrows, I also loved all the shading and detailing of the body. She is simply beautiful! I broke down and got the fat pack which not only comes with ten makeup choices it also comes with cleavage option, blond brows and loads of other make ups to wear too!

Next on my fabulous list is this dress from LouLou&Co for the Where Is The Concert Hunt. I still can’t get over this dress is mesh AND cost me nothing to get but alittle time to find the ticket! It fits like a dream and comes in various sizes and the belt and ruffles are seperate and come with a resizing script to get a perfect fit! This is a must own for any mesh lover!

The next new fave would be the clutch from O&N that I found on the marketplace. There are so many colors to choose from and each actual clutch comes with five menu driven color choices for only 175L! That is like five purses in one! I love this clutch, the detail is wonderful and could be worn dressed up or down. If you haven’t noticed I’m all about making my accessories go a long way, so I try to choose things that are more flexible!

Last but not least are these special edition DIDI Pumps by Mstyle! You can get them half off right now if you like Mstyle on Facebook and grab the code then enter it into the sign at the store! They put that little touch of rock & roll into any outfit with the black/hotpink combo and studs. A color combo that I am in love with right now (doing my little girl’s first birthday colors in pink/black) and is super sexy!


Shape: My Own (Not For Sale)

Skin: Lara Hurley – Mia in Tan ~ New! <3

Hair: Truth – Evelyn in blacks

Face Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity & Mon

Face Piercing 2: Somnia – Music Note Piercing Set

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Earrings & Rings: Izzie’s – Onyx Jewelry Set

Purse: O&N – Studs Purse CC

Dress: LouLou&Co – Mary Dress (Where is the Concert Hunt?)

Shoes: Mstyle – DIDI Pumps pink/black Special Edition Studs

Poses: Olive Juice – Clutch Pack

Give Back My Wallet!

I wish I could say someone stole my SL wallet and spent all my linden, but, the sad truth is I willingly spent lots at Truth District all on my own!  Hey, I told you sales were my weakness!  Everything I’m wearing today I got there half off except for nails, skin, belt and earrings!  Even then those four items were all discounted too at other places!  See, you can look fabulous in SL and not spend a fortune…unless you are me then you just buy even more, which in turn still costs you a fortune lol.  I absolutely love this entire outfit, which all sorta came together on it’s own.  Wish I could point out one fave thing I have on, but honestly I love everything, so I will have to fave it all!


Shape: My Own (Not For Sale)

Skin: Aura – Briar Frosty in Honey

Hair: Truth – Tammy in espresso ~NEW!

Eyes: Acid & Mala – Winter Eyes in Tundra

Face Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity & Mon

Chest Tattoo: Delusions – Love me for me

Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails ~ NEW!

Earrings: Purple Moon – Kenya Earring in Ebony

Belt: Pepper – Pieces Belt (color change)

Shirt: Aura – Coming Undone Jersey Top in Flake ~ 50% Off at Truth District

Pants: Aura – Worn but Loved Low Rise Jeans ~ 50% Off at Truth District

Boots: Gos – Amelia Aviator Boots in black ~ 50% Off at Truth District

Poses: Olive Juice – Lookbook 4

It Started With a Purse

So, I saw this new purse by PurpleMoon blogged on Kismet’s blog and wanted it! Thing is, I have never really been into purses or bags in SL, ever…till now! After buying this bag and seeing how awesome it looked on me while I was out shopping that day I’ve suddenly bought about four more purses in just two days lol. It comes with two attachment points that both do or don’t have an animation to use. Not to mention the details are gorgeous and it is one of those bags that can go with so many different looks! I paired the bag up with the glasses that are also by PurpleMoon, the gorgeous Aura pre-released skin Briar and the new crochet dress from Sakide (it was alittle too short for me in the back so I wore it as a top instead); then finished things off with one of the many fabulous hair styles I picked up at Truth for 50% off! Although I got the bag and glasses at Tropicalia BazaarII, PurpleMoon just released the bags today in many different colors along with other accessories. I plan on getting down there and perhaps getting it in black and maybe red too lol. Before I signing off I want to also mention another find I was so happy about, the Voyante rings from Je Suis that you can find for 50% off also at Truth District. I had no idea when I bought them that I could color change the stone and the metal into so many different combinations! I was so geeked about it I ran back and got the matching necklaces!!


Shape: My Own (Not For Sale)

Skin: Aura – Briar Frosty in Honey ~ New Pre-Release of Briar(So more to come of this great skin!)

Hair: Truth – Delia in Blacks ~50% off at Truth District!

Eyes: Acid & Mala – Winter Eyes in Tundra

Glasses: Purple Moon – Dorthy Cat Eyeglasses Orange/Brown

Face Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity & Mon

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Rings: Je suis – Voyante Rings in Plain (Texture Change)~50% Off at Truth District!

Shirt: Sakide – Crochet Sweater Dress in Taupe ~NEW!

Pants: Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans in Dark

Boots: Bax – Brown Leather

Purse: Purple Moon – Monogram Bag in Browns **MESH** ~NEW!

Poses: Glitterati

Challenge Week Four…Iron!

As soon as I saw the color swatch on Luna’s page I knew exactly what I wanted to wear…my wide leg gray tousers from Jane. To me it fit the color perfectly, maybe it’s too light who knows, but I loved the outfit that I ended it with. Hope you do too! These pics were also my first real attempt at making my own Windlight setting from scratch, I think for a first try it came out pretty good.


Hair: Truth – Evelyn in Espresso

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes Blue-Green (Seasons Gatcha)

Eyeshadow: Boom – Flatter My Eyes in Grey

Lips: Boom – Lipwax in Cherry

Face Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Necklace & Earrings: Miel – UVA Set, Color Change (Group Gift)

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Under shirt: Jane – Intrinsic Tanks in Pewter

Sweater: Jane – Melody Cardigan in Cherry

Pants: Jane – Wide Leg Pant Zooey in Gray **MESH**

Shoes: G Field – Alex Strap Shoes in Patent Red

Poses: Olive Juice – Coquette Pack

My Mesh Shirt

So Yesterday was one of those days, I spent all my time sitting in my SL cabin feeling uninspired and like staying in…well, that’s when I was actually AT the pc, which wasn’t really much. Then I remembered the new mesh shirt from Pepper and ran down to see what colors they had, and settled on the black/red one( I think there are eight other colors to choose from). It was exactly what I needed to capture my mood, something super comfy but also with that touch of sexy with it. I’m the type of gal who can appeciate a good plaid shirt in any life, and I think that Pepper did a great job with thier first attempt at mesh goodness! I was also surprised to find that up in the attic of Pepper there are many items 50% off for those who are group members! So if you head over that way be sure to take a look!


Hair: Truth – Velvet in Espresso

Eyes: Acid & Mala – Winter Eyes in Tundra

Eyeshadow: Sauce – Cinnamon Spice

Lips: Izzie’s – Lipgloss in Peach

Mouthie: ~Pepper~ – Name Mouthchain Diamond (50% off for group members)

Face Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Nails: Mandala – Medium

Shirt: ~ Pepper~ – Vintage Mesh Shirt in Red/Black **MESH** NEW!!

Panties: Sakide – Slide Panties in Red

Socks: Maitreya – Scrunched Primsocks in Gray

Poses: Olive Juice – Olive This Chair

Mesh Logic

My love for mesh deepens with this dress from Cold Logic! It’s a subscribo gift that you can get by clicking the big white sign infront of their soon to be store! It’s mesh, comes in three different colors and is amazing…Another style that just could not be done right without mesh. I’m not very familiar with the brand Cold Logic and not sure if it’s new or not, but either way after getting this dress I can’t wait to see what other offerings they will have once the store is open. I think I am already a fan! The other thing I am super excited about is the lipstick that I picked up from {.essences.} over at the Fashionably Late event. You get eight colors for only 70L and for me one of those was the shade of red I’ve been hunting the grid for forever! Yes it’s the shade I’m wearing below. Yay!


Hair: Truth – Eva in Espresso

Eyes: Acid & Mala – Element Eyes in Ocean (Xmas Group Gift)

Eyeshadow: Elymode – Basic Shadow in Blue

Lips: {.essences.} – Lipstick in Sangria (Fashionably Late)

Face Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Necklace & Earrings: Miel – UVA Set, Color Change (Group Gift)

Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 in Medium

Dress: Cold Logic – Winter Dress in Ruby **MESH**( Subscribo Gift)

Shoes: Maitreya Mesh – Radical Boots in Black **MESH**

Poses: Magnifique Poses ( Pose Hunt)

Olive Juice Is Closing…Atleast For Now

Just wanted to get the word out there that Olive Juice is having to close it’s doors and is having a 50% off sale until Jan 19th!  They have all sorts of cool and fun poses, so if you have never been now would be your chance!

I’m Ripped Apart

Going to make this short since I am exhausted in RL tonight, but still wanted to get this out.  I saw the dress from A&M for this past weekend’s TOSL and had to have it!  I don’t know why it’s so not something I would normally go for, but yet I did!  Now I’m simply in love with it and haven’t wanted to take it off since!  I did put some boob tape on because I do like to keep alittle mystery from time to time and with this dress one whole nip was making an appearance.  I can’t forget those amazing shoes from GoK, they were the perfect finishing touch that I needed to make everything come together and another great addition to my SL wardrobe!


Hair: Truth – Evelyn in Espresso (NEW!!)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes Blue (Seasons Gatcha)

Eyeshadow: Blacklace Beauty – Smokey Shadows 4

Lips: Acid&Mala – Plastic Lips in Pink Petal 80%

Face Piercing: Pekka – Solidue

Earrings: Hucci – Tres Circle Earrings (Group Giftie)

Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 in Medium

Ring: Pdiddle – Gawdy Ring in Amethyst ( Seasons Gatcha)

Dress: Acid & Mala – Knitted Mohair Sweater in Black

Boob Tape: Yulcie – Part of past Where Is hunt gift

Shoes: GoK – Flower Bomb Heels (Perfect Wardrobe)

Poses: Glitterati

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