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Pink and Pretty

Hello Lovelies!   I’m going to be leaving town here in about an hour to head up to see family and friends and help my little niece celebrate her big first birthday but before I left I wanted to get out this quick post.  I’m in love with this outfit and all the pieces in it.  The jacket and skirt from Sassy! is so perfectly sexy and comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched.  From Cae is the super adorable new Cupcake jewelry set that you can find at the new round of The Boutique.  I know my hair is hiding most of the necklace and earrings but I did put a close up of the ring and bracelet so you can see the amazing detail of this set.  For an even larger view just click the pic!  Finally is one of the five new hair releases from Truth which is just amazing.  Truth now has new color packs which includes a variety pack which makes this blogger extremely happy. Now I can have my black and red in one pack along with about twelve other colors too!  I’ll be gone for a long weekend so I won’t be blogging for several days, however, I hope to jump back into it as soon as I return.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

flickr look330


Hair: Truth – Gattina Variety Pack – NEW!!

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Night Magic Sunkissed

Face Piercing: ellabella – Pretty Pearls Blush

Jewelry: Cae – Cupcake Ensemble (NEW @ The Boutique)

Top: Sassy! – Spring Jacket Pink - NEW!!

Skirt: Sassy! – Tweed Skirt Pink – NEW!!

Pose: !Bang

Meet You At The 100 Block

I have some newness today from {me.} Jewelry and Cynful that can be found at the 100 Block event.  The Seduce Mini from Cynful comes in five colors and includes a color change belt and the Amour set from {me.} comes in four different metal choices with each pieces being sold separately.  Other newness I have not from the event is the super pretty new hair from Lelutka called Adile that also comes with its own wreath of flowers (not shown) and the new colorful Mia Ring from LaGyo that you can currently get at TDR Fusion.  The ring is colors change with options to change the center and the petals of the flower giving you lots of combinations to come up with.

flickr look 318


Hair: LeLutka – Adile in Naturals – NEW!!

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Night Magic Sunkissed

Necklace/Earrings: {me.} – Amour Gold (NEW @ 100 Block)

Tiara: {me.} – Amour Headband Gold (NEW @ 100 Block)

Ring: LaGyo – Mia Ring, with HUD (NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Dress: Cynful – Seduce Mini in Orange (NEW @ 100 Block)

Pose: D. Luxx Poses – Secrets Pack #3

Day Out

I fell in love with this dress from Decoy the moment I saw it at Fameshed.  It’s that kind of easy summer dress that I simply adore and could own in every color but settled on my fave, red.  After looking for the right accessories and failing, Maxi Gossamer released this amazing set at Collabor88 Summertime Easy Living which turned out to be just perfect.  I chose the black/red texture and the different brightly colored beads was just the pop I needed.  What better hair with an easy dress than a simple quick updo like the one from D!va that you can get from C88 as well.  It has clips in the back that you can wear in different colors or that you can remove completely.  After I finished getting ready I grabbed one of my fave bags from my closet, the Elephant bag by TokiD and headed out to meet the gals for lunch and a bit of shopping!

flickr look 317


Hair: D!va – Sayaka3 in Onyx (NEW @ Collabor88)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Peacock Sunkissed , Past TDR Fusion

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Summertime Easy Living (NEW @ Collabor88)

Earrings/Bracelets: Maxi Gossmaer – Summertime Easy Living (NEW @ Collabor88)

Dress: Decoy – Lorie Dress in Red (NEW @ Fameshed)

Bag: TokiD – Elephant Bag Light

Shoes: Gos Boutique – Marilyn Sandals in Brown/Leopard

Pose: Adorkable – Bag Lady Pack 2 Pose 10

Somnia Sweetness

My post today is to show you the super cute top from Somnia called Kawaii Comfort.  It comes in a pack of eight different colors and I’ve loved it so much I have worn it for several days now.  It also gave me reason to finally buy a pair of the shoe/legwarmer combos I’ve been admiring at Blueberry for awhile.  You can wear the legwarmers and sneakers together or separate and you know how I love that!

flickr look 304


Skin: Al Vulo! – Aisha Smoky Sunkissed (TDR Fusion)

Hair: LeLutka – Canto in Naturals

Top: Somnia – Kawaii Comfort – NEW!!

Shoes/Legwarmers: Blueberry – Kimmy Legwarmers with Sneakers Red

Pose: Adorkable

Don’t Trust Her Sweet Face

flickr look 303

The Whore Couture Fair has ended but Whore Couture Monthly is back and Sassy! is one of the sponsors and for the first round they put out the Lick Me Vinyl top that comes in all sorts of yummy colors.  If you want to get the Bite Me Vinyl pants or Spank Me Vinyl skirt to match those are now available at the mainstore.  A new round of TDR Fusion also started and happily they had a new skin for me to pick up and which I just love, it also couldn’t have been a better fit for this outfit.  My other love has to be the newish release from Lelutka, Dolce.  I finally went out and did such much needed hair shopping the other day and was thrilled when this wild mane looked so fabulous on me!  I have to say even though I don’t wear things like this very often since it’s far out of my comfort zone, after wearing this for a day I rather fell for it’s edgy rocker sex vibe.

flickr look 303-2



Skin: Al Vulo! – Aisha Smoky Sunkissed (@ TDR Fusion)

Hair: LeLutka – Dolce in Naturals – Newish Release

Earrings: Bens Beauty – Damla 2 Earrings

Ring: Bens Beauty – Audrey Muse Rings

Clutch: Maxi Gossamer – Midnight Dare (NEW @ Limited Bazaar)

Nails: Pixel Mode – Diamond Edition Mesh Nails Long

Top: Sassy! – Lick Me Vinyl Halter Black (NEW @ Whore Couture Monthly)

Pants: Sassy! – Bite Me Vinyl Pants Black  (NEW @ Mainstore)

Shoes: N-Core

Poses: D. Luxx Poses – Defy Pack

Immerse Into Springtime

flickr look 298

I have more springtime newness to show you from Immerse today with the beautiful and girlie Leri Dress.  It comes in many different colors, some bright and some more pastel but all sweetness.  It was hard but I finally chose pink and then got the new Adriana earrings from Bens Beauty to give it that finishing touch.

flickr look 298-2


Hair: Truth – Tymber in Blacks (NEW @ Fameshed)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Peacock Sunkissed (@ TDR Fusion)

Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes Blossom

Earrings: Bens Beauty- Adriana Earrings – NEW!!

Dress: Immerse – Leri in  Pink – NEW!!

Shoes: Gos Boutique – Lolita Espadrilles in White

Poses: Glitterati

50 Shades of Sexy – Sheer Anything

I think sheer lace is so pretty and the new lace body suit from Sassy! was a perfect fit.  It comes in short or long sleeve versions, several color options and appliers for your boobies.  It’s a perfect add on to any wardrobe since it could be worn so many ways.  Two other new faves of mine right now are the gorgeous Tymber ponytail by Truth and Advert Blossom Eyes from IKON.  In the past I always felt that IKON eyes didn’t look right on me, but these were just too beautiful to pass up especially when I wear them with my Ramona skin.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend and happy shopping!

flickr look 297

Hair: Truth – Tymber in Blacks (NEW @ Fameshed)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Peacock Sunkissed (NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes Blossom v2 (NEW @ The Boutique)

Nails: Pixel Mode – Diamond Mesh Nails Short

Bodysuit: Sassy! – Lace V-Neck Bodysuit White – NEW!!

Feet: Gos Boutique – Mesh Barefeet Flat

Pose: Adorkable – Floored Pack II Pose 1

Monkeying Around With Strawberry’s Memes

The fabulous and talented Strawberry Singh has started different weekly memes on her blog for those of us who would want to take part.  Since this year one of my goals as a blogger was to take part in more challenges and memes I figured I would give these a shot.  I am behind, so I decided to do the first two, My Seven SL Facts and The Procrastination Meme. I hope this helps everyone get to know me a little more.

flickr look 296-2

My Seven SL Facts:

Fact #1

Besides blogging and of-course shopping, I love the live music that SL has to offer and try to get out and hear a show atleast once a week.  I spent several years of my SL doing nothing but going from one show to another night after night, it was almost like having a special hangout in SL to go to, but in my opinion way better.

Fact #2

In my early days of SL I was a table/cage dancer at a club where I wore lingerie. It was a lot of fun, but didn’t last long because the owners kept moving locations and then got involved with the wrong crowd.

Fact #3

I’ve been collared once in SL. It lasted only a few months and although I wore a locked collar everyday none of my friends had a clue that I was someone’s sub.  Something about me having a crazy strong personality or something.

Fact #4

I’ve rented or owned land since around Oct/Nov 2006. I absolutely love having my own space since I tend to be a home body even in SL. My first rental was an old world rustic stone cottage, I only lived in the upper part since I barely had any prim allowance.

Fact #5

I enjoy SL nude beaches and have been going since early 2007, although now I don’t go all that often anymore and usually only to one beach that is members only.

Fact #6

Since I had so little time to be social I took up blogging after having my baby girl and wanting something to do in my SL besides stand around looking pretty at home.    My friend Kimbra had been blogging for several months and told me to give it a try.

Fact #7

I rarely spend time with my friends in world, most of the time I just chat with them in IM, unless we are going to be heading to the same location for a specific reason.

flickr look 296-3

Procrastination Meme:

What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? Cami Mahovlich – My first avatar and my main since June 27, 2006

Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? The Shelter, which was my hangout for a couple years till the evil immature overlords took over.

Where do you spend most of your SL time now? At my home enjoying my actual land or up on my studio platform working on my blog.

Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) Kimbra Iridescent since February 2008 when she IMed me at a club to say she was a fan of The Killers too.

What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) My mesh barefeet from Gos Boutique.

The last thing you purchased in Second Life? Ginger Satin Dress in Blue from 1 Hundred at Event Hollywood

What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? Black or red

Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? Fly because I’m too impatient to walk and I think I look stupid when I run.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? I don’t think I’ve really done anything crazy in SL that I can think of.

Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? Ummm no idea, Mila Kunis maybe?

flickr look 296


Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Peacock Sunkissed (TDR Fusion)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lola Summer in blacks

Glasses: PurpleMoon Creations – Dorothy Cat Eyeglasses Cherry/Brown

Top: coldLogic – Rizzo Cherry Top

Pants: coldLogic – Duke Cherry Capris

Feet: Gos Boutique – Barefeet Flat

Poses: Fri.Home – Monkey Bars (NEW @ Pose Fair)

As If In A Dream

flickr look 295

Today is a quick post to show you the gorgeous new gown from Sassy! called Red Carpet that you can currently get at Event Hollywood.  The gown is partial mesh with the top overlay being sculptie and the bottom of the skirt flexi. I absolutely love this dress despite the fact it’s not 100% mesh, I had no issues with the sculptie on the top and the skirt moved beautifully.  I was also thrilled to see that Al Vulo! had another version of Ramona out at the latest round of TDR Fusion called Peacock, it’s just as pretty as all the others.  Lastly helping me show off all the fabulous is new poses from Juxtapose that you can currently find at Pose Fair.  Happy Shopping!

flickr look 295-2


Hair: Truth -Alessandra in Blacks

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Peacock Sunkissed (NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Earrings/Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls( Limited Bazaar/ Item Sold Out)

Dress: Sassy! – Red Carpet Gown Passion (NEW @ Event Hollywood)

Poses: Juxtapose – Pic #1 Motivation 5, Pic #2 Still Waters 4 (Both NEW @ Pose Fair 2013)

She’s A Pillar By The Day, A Fire By Night

Hello Lovelies!  Yes I’m alive and doing good, I’ve just been taking a semi blogging break this past week which may continue for another week or two.  I found that my SL had become, once again, nothing but constant blogging which led me to feeling some burnout.  I’ve been spending most of my time in world working on my new parcel of land and reworking/decorating my home.  I’m falling in love with it this time around and find it to be so fantastic and cozy!  I’m even debating taking some pics of it when I’m all finished.

I simply adore today’s look.  It’s so girlie, sexy and modern all at the same time.  The amazing skirt is from The Sea Hole for the Arcade which I paired with the sheer top from Sassy!  that you can currently find at Whore Couture Fair.  Since it was so sheer I found the super sexy bra/panty set from new-to-me store Countdown that was the perfect cut and fit with this top.  They look like they were made for one another!  Since I was able to get my hands on the gorgeous Truth Video Games hair from the Arcade in red I simply had to wear it and luckily it went great with the Ramona Al Vulo skin.  I’m simply digging on Al Vulo and their skins these days, especially the Ramona that has been available at TDR Fusion. That is all for me, hope you enjoy the look as much as I do and as always happy shopping!

flickr look 275

A little bonus music today from The Killers <3 Prize Fighter


Hair: Truth – Video Games Red (The Arcade)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona Magic Night Sunkissed (TDR Fusion)

Necklace/Bracelet: {me.} – Pearl Time Black/Silver

Top: Sassy! – Sheer Silk Top Black (Whore Couture Fair)

Bra: Countdown – Darla Black

Skirt: The Sea Hole – Lorette Skirt Noir (The Arcade)

Shoes: Gos Boutique – Sophia Peeptoe Black

Pose: Long Awkward Pose (Store Closed)

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