The Icey Blues and Mint Greens

One thing I love about Winter, in SL anyway, is all the frozen icey colors dancing together. The snow falling softly while the lights twinkle and sparkle about. Oh and how can you forget the Christmas lights? OH that is probably one of my fave fave things about the season. I spent a day trying to find a beautiful sim that would capture all of those things( and reflect the mood of my outfit) and came up empty handed. That was until I checked out the place that my friend Kimbra blogged about going to a few posts ago…Paradise Valley(She always finds the best stuff imo). That sim is gorgeous and I plan on going back to enjoy it even more and take it all in. It really is perfect for taking winter pics of all kinds! Today’s outfit is more things from The Perfect Wardrobe event mixed with other faves of mine that I have picked up recently. Hope you enjoy!


Hair: Yulicie – Adele Winter in Light Blond ( Perfect Wardrobe)

Eyelashes: Izzie’s – Baby its cold outside (Perfect Wardrobe)

Eyes Shadow: *BOOM* – Shimmer shadow in lucky

Lips: *BOOM* – Pale Pucker in Candy

Face Piercing: .Pekka. – Zassy Piercing

Face Tattoo: Dream Ink – F.T.44

Chest Tattoo: Delusions: – Snowflakes (Perfect Wardrobe)

Jacket: [W]ynter – Me loves Winterview (Perfect Wardrobe)

Shirt:Sourires – Simple Dress in light green (past GSP)

Pants: ANNEX – Knit leggings in white

Boots: *LightStar – Winter Boots in brown

Poses: Glitterati


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