500L Avatar Challenge

Meet Addison! I took a look over at SL Blogger Support website to see what blogger challenges were going on and decided I would try my hand at the 500L Avatar Challenge that was started by Maribel Button.  The challenge runs from July 1st- August 8th with the objective being to create a brand new avie without spending more than, you guessed it, 500L!  Even though there is a prize awarded at the end I did it more to challenge myself and see if I could put together a great looking gal without spending a fortune.  I had so much fun doing this!  Having been in SL six years now it’s been a long time since I had to make an avie from scratch where I genuinely cared what she looked like lol.  Personally I think she came out lookin fan-freakin-tastic!!

There were two main sources I used for my search to find awesome, Harlow Heslop’s amazing Newbie Resource Guide and the SL Marketplace.  I tried not to cheat too much and didn’t want to use any of the reduced price events all over the grid that I knew about or run directly to where I knew of great freebies or sales since I knew most newbies would have no clue about any of that.  I will admit though I did know of the great skin package you can get from Cupcakes right now for only 50L.  You have the choice of three tones, with several tattoo layer options to change up your look, a shape, a mesh dress, bra & panties and a bikini all included.  It’s a perfect little started pack for someone new to SL.  I only used the skin from the pack though.  Besides the skin, I used Harlow’s guide, hunted around the grid or scoured Marketplace for the cheapest and best stuff!  I think I did a pretty good job and I’m considering trying another look using this same avie and possibly trying my hand at making shapes in SL since I love doing it! 


Shape: Made Myself – Free!

Skin: Cupcakes – Emma in Nutmeg, Lovely Avatar Package – $50L

Hair: Found in Inventory Library – Tapered Bob Brown – Free!

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in London Fog (Instore Free Color) -Free!

Lashes: Garage – Eyelashes v.23 – $50L

Face Piercing: Ivy – Vara Piercing (Group Gift) – Free!

Necklace: Apple May Designs – Eccentric Pencil(instore freebie) – Free!

Nails: Candy Nail – Clear French Pink – $90L

Ring: JCNY – Lotus Mood Ring(Limited Time Special Price) – $10L

Outfit(includes Shoes, Sweater, Tank, Belt and Capris): Ducknipple – SLX Outfit Street – $195L


Poses: !Bang


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