Prism Furniture, *ionic* and Lots of Hunts!

Today’s post is a tad different from my usual because it’s all about furniture from Prism Furniture and cute little cabin from *ionic*.  You all know how much I love fashion in SL and also how much I love live music, but I haven’t made much mention of how much I love well made and original furniture in SL.  I’m that person that loves all the little details when I put a home together.  So it’s no surprise that I’m always picking up great little finds all over the grid at great deals stuffing my inventory “just incase” I can find a use for something later lol.  I discovered Prism Furniture during the Home and Garden Expo awhile back and adored so many of Lilly Juno’s pieces so when I got the oppurtunity to show two of her newest sets that are currently available for two different hunts I couldn’t say no! 

For the Four Walls Hunt we have the gorgeous Raspberry Cream set which includes everything you see minus the wall picture(that comes with the house).  So that means the set includes the couch, table, chair, lamp and books.  Everything is copy/mod and the chair and couch are full of awesome animations for $10L!  This hunt runs from Sept 1st- Sept 15th. 

The we have the  Serendipity Hunt which has this great Kurilian set!  The set includes the chair, table, lamp, magazines and flowers, with everything being copy/mod.  The light turns on and off and the chair comes with several animations.   This hunt runs from Sept 1st – Sept 31st, with everything being $1L.

All the furniture was taken inside this little cabin from *ionic* that is part of the Fairest of Them All Hunt and costs only $5L to get!  I adore this build which is full of details inside and out and is just a perfect fit for a forest or fall landscape.  It’s also copy/mod so it’s a true steal for anyone looking for a cozy place to watch the colors change.  The FOTA Hunt ends on Sept 15th so you still have plenty of time to get there and pick it up.

For direct TPs to each store just click the respective name!  Prism Furniture ,  *ionic*


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