The Challenge – Tudor

The Challenge has begun.  A new home and garden monthly event where those designers taking part are challenged to create items inspired by and that fit into a randomly chosen theme.  They have one month to complete the item(s) for each round.  The first round’s theme was Tudor and five different creators took part.  There is no special pricing on the items but designers are encouraged to reduce the cost of the item for the first week of it’s release.  The items are marked with a special marker and are available until the next round begins.

flickr look 272

From End of Daze we have the awesome Tudor Chaise which  is mesh, comes in three different styles ( Chaise 1 is shown) and is filled with twelve single animations and six couple animations.  I found this bench to be perfect to work both inside or outside and has only a 5 LI.  Then we have the fantastic “RHYS” Pergola from [BRENO] that comes in two versions with or without curtains(shown).  The curtained version is 27 LI and comes with the option of changing curtain combos by clicking the rod; the uncurtained version is 17LI.  Both versions are mesh and copy/mod.  I love how simple and versatile it is and since it’s not huge is perfect for anyone with a smaller plot of land, but, is modifiable if you have the space for something bigger.  I also want to make special mention of the gorgeous Ume or Japanese Apricot trees surrounding the pergola.  They are the latest release from Frog’s Garden and come in two different styles with four textures choices.

For more information on The Challenge head on over to the main website and as always for a larger view just click the pic!  Happy Shopping!


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