The Challenge – California Bungalow

flickr look 294

The second round of The Challenge started yesterday and will run for the next week, with this rounds theme being California Bungalow.  There are five stores taking place and I have lots of goodies from most of them to show you.

flickr look 294-2

We have to start off with the Blue Bungalow from L&K Prefabs that is a small two room cottage that is made completely of mesh and comes with or without shadows baked on.  It is also 100%mesh and copy/mod.  The chairs, bench, plants, mailbox and doormat are all part of the Bungalow Veranda from Cleo Design’s.  There are many other pieces included in this package (not shown) which also include an amazing Veranda itself that can be set up near your home or could even be used as a deck on it’s own.  All pieces from Cleo Designs are mod/no copy.

flickr look 294-3From 22769 We have the California Bungalow Night Stand that comes in two options, the full nightstand with everything included and attached (as shown) or the plain nightstand with all the items separately.  Everything is 100% mesh and also is copy/mod.  I also included some additional pics of the houses interior so that you could get a glimpse at what it looks like inside.

flickr look 294-4

flickr look 294-5

flickr look 294-6

From End of Daze we have the incredible Dining At Home table also for The Challenge. The table can rez up to three meals, Tea, Table and Lunch with the option before for two or four people.  I’m showing you the setting for four for lunch and the table option is just the place settings themselves with no food.  Each of the chairs includes eight male or female animations for eating or just chatting.  It comes with in a rezbox so it makes it super easy to place the set but is only copy and no mod so keep that in mind if you needed to make changes to it.

flickr look 294-7

flickr look 294-8


For the Challenge

L&K Prefabs – Blue Bungalow

22769 – [bauwerk] California Bungalow Night Stand(includes Lamp, Cloth, Books, Vase)

Cleo Designs – Bungalow Veranda Items (Bench, Chairs, Potted Plants, Mailbox, Doormat)

End of Daze – Dining At Home

Non Challenge Items 

Finishing Touches – Happy Spring Sign (Past Subscribo Gift)

Alouette – The Bibliotheque Chair(Past Arcade)

Floorplan – Mason Jar Chandelier Yellow/White

Fri.Home – Rustic Flag

What Next – Amalfi String Lights Carnival

Dutchie – Rug Woven Grass


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