A Garden Wedding

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I absolutely love weddings, I know many people complain about them, but for some reason I just love them.  I think it’s the fact that despite my somewhat touch exterior I’m actually a helpless romantic and a huge softie on the inside.  So you can imagine how excited I was to see this cute Garden Wedding set from L&K Prefabs that you can currently get at the first round of  The Garden.  Luckily for me I’ve run out of space on my parcel of land so I could not buy all the awesome that I saw there, truly a furniture lovers dream come true!

flickr look 305-3

flickr look 305-4

This beautiful rustic wedding set comes with the most of what you see.  The chairs come in four different colors and two styles,  the Bamboo Sofa comes in both with or without the blanket and the fence comes in with four different pieces so that you can personalize it to fit your needs. Actually everything is copy/mod so you can make it just right to fit your own personal vision.  For finishing touches I used the super cute Hearts on a String from 22769 and texture change Party Lanterns from Lisp both also available at The Garden.

flickr look 305-2


L&K Prefabs – The Garden Wedding Set (Includes: Alter, Rug, Chairs, Bamboo Sofa, Fence)

22769 – Hearts On a String

Lisp – Garden Party Lanterns


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