Underwater With The Challenge

flickr look 315

Since there were so many awesome goodies from The Challenge this round I decided to do another blog featuring more under the sea awesome.  Cleo Designs put together a bathroom set that is perfect for anyone who wants that beachy feel.  The set includes the shower, sink, toilet, lounger, two bath carpets, lilies,  lights, two shelf units and most of the little details that you see.  The shower and lounger come with both single and couples animations and there are also animations in the toilet and sink.  This set also includes a very large aquarium (not shown).

flickr look 315-2

Other goodies from The Challenge are the Yellow Submarine Light from L&K Prefabs that is an actual working light and comes in two versions straight out and inclined(shown).  From Senzafine there is the  very cool Octopus Accent Table with the cute Seahorse Candles on top that you can get from %Percent in three sizes.  Not part of the Challenge but still something I wanted to mention is the great striped beach rug from Bows N Butterflies that I found on the market place.  It was just so perfect for this room and I found a few other cute rugs there also at an incredible low price.

flickr look 315-3


From The Challenge:

Cleo Designs – Bathing Underwater Bathroom Set

Senzafine – Sea Legs, Octopus Accent Table

%Percent – Seahorse Candles Large & Medium

L&K Prefabs – Yellow Submarine Light Inclined

Other Stores:

What Next – Coastal Cottage Driftwood Decor

Bows N Butterflies – Blue Plaid Beach Rug  (on Marketplace)

Floorplan – Great Gatsby Novel


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