Newness from Pixel Mode and What Next

Just a quick post today to show you newness from What Next and Pixel Mode.  From What Next is the super cute Lemonade Table that comes with the all the goodies you see on it and is perfect for a party, cafe or a quick lemonade stand.  Then we have the fantastic and versatile hanging chair from Pixel Mode that is currently available at Fameshed.  It comes in four wood colors with three versions of the pillow/blanket combination( I’m showing you combo A).  You are able to change the colors/textures of the blanket and pillows with just a click and the chair has many single animations for both men and women.  This chair is perfect to use inside or outside, like I did, because after all you need somewhere to sit while you try to sell passerby’s lemonade. For a larger view be sure to click the pic and have a good one!

flickr look 319


What Next – Garden Cafe Lemonade Table Set – NEW!!

Pixel Mode Home – Calathea Chair in Blonde Style A (NEW @ Fameshed)


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