More Home & Garden Expo 2013

I wanted to get this blog out to you yesterday but my kiddo had other ideas lol.  Home and Garden Expo opened yesterday Friday May 24th at noon slt and runs until June 2nd, which only give you alittle over a week to not only check out all the awesome that is there but also to support such a wonderful cause!  Today I wanted to show you more newness from 22769, Atelier Viconti, Inspired and [ba].  For more info and a list of which store is on what sim head on over to the Home and Garden Expo Website.

flickr look 331

Home and Garden Expo 2013 Shopping List: 

Atelier Visconti –  Fountain Octoganal

22769 – Felt Bench Bleached

[ba] -Flagstone Pavers Kit, Beveled Stone Planters

Inspired – Field of Poppies, Crumbling Rock Wall


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