Meeroos At The Home and Garden Expo 2013

Meeroos are one of the top breedables in SL and just recently celebrated two years on grid!  They also happen to be at this years Home and Garden Expo not only as a vendor but also as one of the event sponsors!  This year they will be focusing on both the Meeroos as well as plants and statues that can add to the fantasy world as a whole with 100% of their vendors going to Relay For Life!  Wonderful World of Meeroos is located on Sim 5 so be sure to head over and check them out before the event closes tomorrow June 2nd, but I will warn you they are so adorable they are addictive.

flickr look 33704

flickr look 337

The group above are all Diurnal Meeroos with three species Welsh, Gael and Pine.  These little fellas all like to eat Wild Berries except for Eva(the gray coat) who is actually a Mee-Pet and eats honey and their home is the crystal.   The two plants I’m showing you here are the Elysian Plant and Hysben Pink Flower.

flickr look 337-2

flickr look 337-3

These two cuties above are the Nocturnal Meeroos and both are of the Elduris species with the Silver Tide coat. Their little home is the Toadstool and their food of choice is Florofruit.  The two plants I’m showing you are the Thintel Plant and the Carnivorous Purple Plant.


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