A Lady’s Vanity

flickr look 341

In RL I am not really a girlie girl.  I like to be comfy and my clothing of choice is typically jeans and tees with my makeup routine kept to ten minutes or less.  Since I have short hair I just let it air dry and am sure to get it cut so that it can look cute without any work.  Now, that said, I still love to dress up if the mood calls for it and do enjoy wearing heels, even if they do put me at 6’1″ lol.  You should see the faces of people as I walk by when I wear them, you’d think they are seeing a giant or something, but strangely I love it.  SL is where the more feminine side of me gets to come out, where I love wearing dresses and heels and could not live without my tattoo layers of makeup and perfect hair.  One thing I always wanted in SL and finally managed to get was a vanity to keep all sorts of little goodies on. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the fantastic Vanity Set from Tres Blah for the Arcade, it was everything that I had been hoping to get for my vanity and then some.  I also found myself loving the dress forms from Schadenfreude that were also for the Arcade.  Maybe it’s from my days working in theatre costume shops but I found something quite pretty in them and they are a great way to add alittle something to your private space.  Well, I think I rambled enough for today so I will let the pics finish doing the talking for me.  Here is your TP to the Arcade and as always click the pics for a larger view.  Happy Shopping!

flickr look 341-2


Tres Blah – Vanity Gacha Items, Desk, Desk Mirror, Platter of Treasures, Toiletries, Makeup Bag RARE, Brushes, Compact RARE, Nail Polishes, Jewelry Tree RARE and Dress form

Schadenfreude – Red Elephant Brocade Dress Form, Striped Dress Form, Antique Dress Form

Gizza – Summer Bag Boho

[Aria] – Oolong Teacup Planter Iris Mint, Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid Yellow

.click. – Teal Suitcase from Pose World Traveler 2, Chalkboard Suitcase from Pose World Traveler 6 RARE

{vespertine} – old bathroom mirror

RnB Designs – White Vanity Chair

Pilot – Nail Polish Rack


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