What’s My Digits?

Over the last few years Strawberry Singh has done a What’s Your Digits Challenge but I never felt comfortable sharing my digits with anyone.  I liked guarding them like a top secret file, something for my eyes only.  But, this time around I feel different, maybe because with blogging for quite some time I have tried to be more open and show different parts of my personality etc.  Honestly, my shape hasn’t really changed much since I first made it my first few weeks in world while standing in various corners trying to make what the Lindens gave me look good.  I think I have shrunk my head slightly and last week I made my hands a little smaller going from 20 to 15 on the sliders.  Like most of us I do have a few shapes to fit different types of mesh clothing, but in almost all cases I can fit into a standard size medium, with a few exceptions.

flickr look 350

Since this version of  What’s Your Digits focuses on proportions I decided to answer the questions that went along with the challenge.

Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions?  No, I made my avatar’s body in the proportions that looked best to me.

What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? When the alpha layers that go with it peak out from the fabric, when something is poorly rigged and cuts into my body when I move or when the proportions are crazy weird (Like when the waste is super tiny and the hips really wide).

Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? Yes it does, but only in extreme cases which is the only time I’d probably notice.  In most cases the average avie doesn’t even catch my eye so it has to be very well put together or very horribly done for me to take notice.

Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? I think trying to keep proportions to what would be humanly possible normally looks best whatever that might be to each person.  Anything extreme always looks sorta off, atleast to me anyway.


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