Hair Fair 2013 Is Coming!

Hair Fair 2013

If you haven’t heard already Hair Fair 2013 will be starting in just a few days and I for one can hardly wait!  This is my absolute favorite event of all the events that might hit the grid and for such a wonderful cause as well.   It’s hard to believe that I have gone to five of the seven Hair Fairs over the years, making this my sixth and their eighth,  and it is still the one event I look forward to above all the others.  As with most huge events opening day can be not only hard to get into but extremely laggy so the organizers have provided an in world demo group for anyone and everyone to join to start receiving demos on July 12th.  Not only can you being your shopping early but you can also do it in the comfort of you own home.  For more information on Hair Fair you can head over to the MAIN WEBSITE and if you are interested in joining the inworld group you can head over the Hair Fair headquarters in world and click to join just take this TELEPORT.

Hair Fair Demo Group


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