The Challenge – Black and White

I’m sure it will surprise noone that this is probably my favorite round of The Challenge so far because it involves two of my three favorite colors, red being my most favorite followed by black then white.  So it’s also probably no surprise that I was extremely inspired for this round and this post and could hardly wait to share these pics with you.  Since I find black and white to be the hardest to photograph and still show the textures and details I played a lot with lighting and ended up loving what the finished product was.  Just some of the designers taking part in this latest round is 22769[bauwerk], Hate This, The Viewing Room, Dysfunctional Designs and Inspired.  I do want to mention that the Minimalist Bed from 22769 does come in either a PG or Adult version and that 22769 has the white Chesterfield sofa out for The Challenge but I used the black version (which can be found at Food Fair) instead.  All photos were taken in the amazing Ivory Room Skybox from Hate This and as always just click the pics for a larger view.

flickr look 366-2

Minimalist Bed PG – 22769[bauwerk] / For The Challenge

Long Black Drapes – 22769[bauwerk]/  For The Challenge

Black and White One – The Viewing Gallery/ For The Challenge

Bell Lamp Black and White – Kuro

Blossom Vase White/Black – Dysfunctional Designs/ For The Challenge

Brocade Dark Rug – Hate This / For The Challenge

flickr look 366

The Chesterfield Sofa – 22769[bauwerk] @ Food Fair

Leather Stool White – 22769[bauwerk] / For The Challenge

Leather Armchair – Kuro

Black and White Floor Lamp – 22769[bauwerk] / For The Challenge

Segmented Vase W/Branches – 22769[bauwerk]/For The Challenge

Shades of Gray Coffee Table W/ candles & Tray – Inspired/For The Challenge

Repurposed Shelf W/ Decor – Inspired/For The Challenge

Eye Chart Canvas – @ Food Fair

SIlver Leaves Rug – StoraxTree

The Ivory Room Skybox – Hate This/For The Challenge


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