The Daphne Dining Room

Today I want to show you the new fantastic modern Daphne Dining Room Set from Aria, which includes table, chairs, lamps, sideboard(including everything on the sideboard), butterfly wall art and a potted plant (not shown). The table and sideboard has the choice of three different wood textures while the lamps and chairs can be changed into a range of different colors.  There are also chairs with or without pillows and those with pillows can have the textures changed as well.  Needless to say between all the customizing you can do and that you can also mod all the pieces, this set is very versatile and would be a great fit in a wide variety of homes.   You can purchase the set as a whole or in individual pieces.  The set is available at the Aria Mainstore and for a larger view just click the pic.

flickr look 371-3


Daphne Dining Set – Aria

Raquel Vase with Lilacs – Aria

Meid Drapes Red – The Loft’

The Little Warehouse Skybox – 22769[bauwerk]


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