The Challenge – Teenage Years

Yes yes I know, I haven’t blogged in a few days but as most fashionistas know The Arcade opened on September 1st and I have preoccupied since.  I’ll be blogging some of my favorite goodies in the upcoming week, but for today I want to share with you the latest round of The Challenge who’s theme is Teenage Years.  I’m going to admit that at first I wasn’t sure I what I would do since I wasn’t much of a teenager even in my teens but then I received so much inspiration it was easier than I thought.  Growing up it was pretty common for kids to hangout in their basements, atleast it was for me, so I got the idea to create a basement rock ‘n roll hangout.  Want to make mention that the stereo and tv are both no copy/mod since they have to be deeded to the land to work properly and also the chairs are texture change while the spin the bottle game come with version with or without the bottle attached.  My absolute fave piece is the tiny Cafe Paper Fortune Teller from Collage, it brought back so many memories of me and my friends making those and playing with them, I also thought it was just that special unique touch.  As always for a larger view just click on the pic and happy shopping!

flickr look 378


Kuro – Spin The Bottle Rug/Cushions, Kissing Privacy Screen, Spin The Bottle Lights

Collage – Cafe Lounger Light & Dark, Cafe Side Table, Cafe Lava Lamp, Cafe Paper Fortune Teller, Cafe Rug

Prime – Retro TV, 1979 Stereo & Speakers, Drum Set, Guitar

Hate This – Band Posters

Chic – Fame Magazines


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