Upper Room, Kuro and [Breno] For The Challenge

flickr look 413The newest round of The Challenge has returned and this time the theme is Midcentury Modern.  As always there are some fantastic designers taking part and today I’m showing you works from Upper Room, Kuro and [Breno].  From Upper Room is the Readers Living room which includes almost everything you see in the above pic from the couches to the chairs to the cabinets and wall art.

flickr look 413-3From [Breno] we have the incredibly crafted Martini glass while helping feature all the furniture is the super cool two bedroom home by Kuro called Into The Woods.  What I’m showing you in the pictures is half of the front main room.  As always you can click the pics for a larger view and hope you are all having a great weekend!

flickr look 413-2


Upper Room – Reader Living Room Set

[Breno] – Martini

Kuro– In the Woods Home and/or Skybox

Kuro – Wooden Vases, Fall Candles


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