Late Autumn Dinner

I’ve already started the process of changing over my land for winter and before completely doing so I decided to have one last late night Autumn dinner which was easy to do with new rustic newness from Kuro.  The wooden table and stools are perfect for that outdoor setting and new Hanging Cups from Kuro also added that touch of whimsy.  Thanks to Dysfunctional Designs, Dutchie and several other stores for giving me some yummy food and decor for my late night feast.

flickr look 425SHOPPING LIST:

Kuro – Wood Table, Wood Stool, Hanging Cups  – NEW!!

Dutchie – Place Settings, Wine Glasses, Wine Bottles

Dysfunctional Designs – Branch Candelabra Table, Cherry and Pumpkin Pies

Chez Moi – Basket of Corn

Prefabrica – Turkey, $oL on Marketplace

Ginger Line – Bread Wicker Basket

Incredible Edibles – Paper Towels, Salt & Pepper Shakers


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