A Merry Christmas 2013

Yes it’s Christmas here today, and I’ve gotten to enjoy the day with my fabulous husband and gorgeous little girl.  Got to see her open her presents from Santa after she rushed to the tree screaming presents.  Cooked a great meal for us and spent the rest of the day just relaxing.  Hope everyone reading this also had or is having a fantastic holiday themselves.

Today’s post is a tad bit of the holiday and a whole lot of winter wonder all rolled into one.  I have cute newness from Lucky Charlotte Camille that can add a touch of whimsy to any home with the Deer and Trees gacha.  I’m just showing a few that you can win, but there are quite a few more colors in both the trees and deers that you can get too.  From Convair is the new Xmas Tree 2013, which to me is one of the best looking trees I have seen this season.  It comes as a kit so you can customize what you want on the tree which makes it pretty fab to use in the house or outdoors too.  The kit includes the tree, tree stand, tree skirt, topper, lights and four different colored ornaments that you can add.  Each ornament is added individually so although it can be time consuming it gives you that real feel of trimming a tree.  I can’t help but hope that maybe next year he may do an add on pack with even more options we can use to decorate.  From Pixel Mode we have the incredible Naughty or Nice Sleigh that comes in you guessed it a PG or Adult version and four colors to choose from.  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve waited for a fantastic low prim sleigh like this that can be used all winter long for both couples and singles.  Yes believe it or not I  might want to sit in a sleigh alone and most creators only make sleighs it seems for couples.  Included with the sleigh besides all the animations is the blanket and fire to help keep you warm and can be found at the latest round of The Garden.

flickr look 459SHOPPING LIST:

Pixel Mode – Naughty or Nice Sleigh Red, includes Blanket and Fire / NEW @ The Garden

Convair – Xmas Tree 2013 – NEW!!

Lucky Charlotte Camille – Deer & Trees Gacha; Bright Green Snow Tree, Snow Plain Green Tree (Rare), Dark Brown Deer, Rudolph Brown Deer (Rare). – NEW!!


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