Let’s Tell Ghost Stories

Hey there! I know I haven’t been posted as much lately, that is mostly due to my trying to get my SL home in some sort of order.  We moved about a month ago to a new parcel and I had done nothing with it for weeks, now it’s mostly done and ready to go.  The other reason is besides working on some inventory I was having some issue getting inspired for posts.  As any blogger knows without inspiration our pics can end up being a bit lack luster.  Well, I think that is over with a bit of help from the new Goose Firepit Patio set.  The set includes the unique designed patio with awning and lights and includes several different colored bean bag chairs to choose from that include single animations.  I added the Goose group gift Pumpkin Lanterns, Poche Main’s Lattes and some fallen leaves from What Next  for an extra touch.
look 764_003_edited-1
Goose – Firepit Patio & Bean Sits

Goose – Wooden Pumpkin Lantern (Group Gift)

Poche Main – Lattes @ Sanarae Event

What Next – Scattered Leaves Decor


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