Home For The Holidays

Hey All! I’m back from my break today with the new Home For the Holidays set from What Next for this December round of Arcade.  It features this fabulous house as well as much of what you would need to decorate for the holidays.  The house also comes with a new snow/lights version! Other fantastic newness is from Jian with their wreath and garlands and the Ornamental Gazebo from Dysfunctionality.
look 789_005_edited-1
What Next – Home For The Holidays Gacha –  Includes: Winter’s Cottage, Flakey the Snowman, Merry Welcome Mat, Red Winter Mailbox, Winter Bike, Winter Bench Snowflakes @ The Arcade

Dysfunctionality – Ornamental Gazebo

Jian – Holiday Decor – Includes: Wreath Wall, Wreath Swag, Wreath Arch @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Uncertain Smile – Bauble Chandelier Festive @ SanaRae

Jian – Boxwood Shrub Hedge

+Half-Deer+ – Winter Birdhouse Lanterns Holly

+Half-Deer+ – Lighted Pathway Stars Snowy

Alouette – Snowy Bird Feeder Stand






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