Happiness is A Long Hot Bubble Bath

Today’s post is inspired by the new Supreme Bathroom set from Chez Moi that you can currently find at their mainstore.  The tub, sink, daybed and toilet (not shown) are all texture change to let you customize for a more individual look.
look 814_001
Chez Moi – Supreme Sink & Vanity

Chez Moi – Supreme Bathtub

Chez Moi – Supreme Bathroom Shelf

Chez Moi – Supreme Bathtub Rack

Chez Moi – Supreme Bathroom Daybed

Chez Moi – Supreme Vanity Table

Chez Moi – Supreme Towel Rack

Chez Moi – Long Mirror

Chez Moi – Bathroom Rules

Chez Moi – Color Shelf Country Room

Chez Moi – Bathroom Decor

Chez Moi – Potted Palm Summer Chill

Chez Moi – Slippers and Panties

Dyfunctionality – Bulb Beam / FOR The Challenge

Shabby Tabby – DOTF Rug

Kalopsia – Bowl Plant Hanger

Kalopsia – Bamboo Hanger

Little Treasures – Bubble Bath Wall Art

What Next – Maison Drapes Short

MMG’s – Bathroom Scale (Store is Closed)







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