Paint Your Life With Light

Hey!  Ok, so my mom will be here in about an hour but I managed to find the time to get the pic done and now posted before I vanish for the next week due to RL.  This post is Monet inspired since many of the items had the theme for the Home Whimsy event.  It was fun because Monet happens to be my favorite artist so I wanted the pic to reflect a more light type of feel.  I think  my fave thing of all the items are Shabby Tabby’s Watercolor Blooms, they are just so pretty!
look 865_003
%Percent – Monet Bath Tub & Bath Table @ Home Whimsy

Shabby Tabby – Avignon Screen @ LTD Event

Shabby Tabby – Avignon Mirror @ LTD Event

Shabby Tabby – Avignon Table @ LTD Event

Shabby Tabby – Giverny Candle @ Home Whimsy

Shabby Tabby – Watercolor Blooms Various Colors @ Home Whimsy

Keke – Milk Bottle Flower

Keke – Hanging Bottled Flowers Pink

Keke – Crystal Pendant Rosegold

Happy Mood – Sweet Garden Grass03 Blue Green

 Half-Deer – Starglitter Tree Strawberry Pink




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