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The Majestic Elephants

Hello my lovely readers! I’m so excited to share the newest release from Jian with you today, Elephants! Yes, beautiful majestic African Elephants.  I have always been a huge lover of elephants in RL, since I was young (they are my spirit animal), so I’ve always hoped someone would make them in SL.  Jian, did NOT disappoint. They are so realistic and come in both a companion or wander option, there is also an option to ride on their back if you like. Fear not, the prim (or land impact) is not high at all so almost anyone should be able to have a pet elephant if they want! I hope in the future they make some baby elephants since they are so adorable.

While out looking for a location to take my pictures I stumbled across the Huatulco sim, that was just the perfect landscape.  If you are looking for a sim that is incredibly unique with a safari type feel to it, this is your place.  They also allow you to rez!

look 644_011

Jian – African Elephants

Location: Huatulco

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