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Gardening Days

Today I have some new and old for you.  New goodies are from Sway’s Peony Set that you can find currently at Home Show 2015 and also new pose chair from Mien Poses.  The Peony set includes the shed, everything in the shed, everything on the table (minus radio) and in front of the shed( minus seed box). It comes either linked, partially linked or all as individual items; You can also change the color of the boots, flowers and watering can. The pose chair from Mien includes five poses and can also be found in blue.

If my outfit and hair looks familiar that would be because I’m doing the Raid Your Closet Challenge my friend Lucie Bluebird has brought back; a challenge that as you know I always love.  The objective is to blog a throwback look once or more a week using only items in your inventory that you owned before May 1st, 2015. I picked a few of my favorites including my deck shoes from G Field which I was able to wear with my Maitreya feet by slightly resizing them which I could do with the included hud.

flickr look 711HOME & GARDEN

Sway’s – Peony Garden Set / NEW @ Home Show 2015

What Next – Festival Radio Strawberry / Past VIP Group Gift

Pixel Mode – Seed Box RARE / Past Arcade Item

Mien Poses – Blossom Chair in Red / NEW!


Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lola Summer / Acquired May 25, 2012

Skin:Glam Affair – Kallisto Exotic 04 / Acquired Jan 6, 2015

Body: Maitreya – Lara

Outfit: Mikunch – Skinny Salopette Denim Faded Indigo / Acquired July 28, 2014

Shoes: G Field – Deck Shoes Red / Acquired April 8, 2013

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The Pumpkin Witch

I got my title because when Etherian saw me the first thing he said was there is my pumpkin pie, which then set us on a six minute debate about what color pumpkins are and why did he call me a pumpkin pie.  At the end he informed me had I let him finish he was leading into something naughty but I ruined it.  Damn me and my logic again lol.  This is my Halloween post for the year and I had to get it out tonight since I head out of town tomorrow with hubby and kiddo to visit my family and get to go trick or treating with my nieces and nephews even though it says for possible snow!  My little Sophia the First is super excited for the big night.  I went with the super cute witch costume that is a group gift from G Field and took the pic outside our home so I could show off some of our festive decor for the holiday.  Hope you all have a ghoulishly fantastic weekend!

flickr look 606STYLE CARD:

Hair: Truth – Rowan in Blacks

Skin:Glam Affair – Lulu 10 Dark

Lipstick:Pink Fuel – Ink Lipgloss

Dress/Hat:G Field – Halloween Witch Dress Orange / 2014 Halloween Gift

Choker: Boom – Precious Bow Choker Pitch

Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Black Widow Spider Bangle

Tights: G Field – Halloween Bat Tights

Boots: Hucci – Cachi Boots Midnight /NEW @ Collabor88

Pose: Bounce This Poses – Khloe Pack / NEW @ TDR Fusion

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Throwback Thursdays #2

Yeah I know, I’m going to have to call this Throwback Fridays since I keep doing it a day late but since it’s just for fun it takes second to the more important things I need to post.  This is my second look for the the challenge, one of my favorite outfits made by Tres Blah for a past C88 and fab deck shoes from G Field.  I also took this pic on our new land, which isn’t done yet, but as you can see behind me is already so pretty.  I ended up there thanks to some drama that at the end of the day led me to a gorgeous new place to live my SL and Etherian and I could not be happier! I sorta love when a pile of crap can turn into a rainbow if you look at it the right way.

flickr look 525STYLE CARD:

Hair: D!va – Sayaka3 Onyx, From May 8, 2013

Skin: Glam Affair – Romy w/ Romy Brow 01

Necklace: Caroline’s – Happy in Pink Cream, From Aug 16, 2012

Outfit: Tres Blah – Camille Outfit Pale Pink, From April 18, 2012

Shoes: G Field – Deck Shoes White, From April 8, 2013

Pose: !Bang – Stands 350-359 / NEW for Fifty Linden Friday



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New Collabor88, Elymode For Pose Fair & My 10 SL Firsts Meme

flickr look 300-1

Hey there, today’s post is to show you just some of the fun and awesome newness that you can get at the latest round of Collabor88.  I’ve been going nuts for some shorts/capris and summery tops and happily the designers really delivered.  My super cute poses today are from Elymode and available at Pose Fair for just a few more days.  It comes with six poses all together (mirrors included) and also a lunchbox that you can color change. There is also a lunchbox gacha machine that gives you a chance to win other boxes such as the Sakura Blossom box that I have here.

flickr look 300

I decided to take a stab at Strawberry Singh’s lastest meme since I figured it would be a fun trip down memory  lane and give you alittle more insight into the blogger behind the blog.

My 10 SL Firsts Meme

  1. First SL Friend: I would have to say Misty Harley who I met in my first few months in world at The Shelter.  We were both newbs trying to find our way around and she seemed to be the only one to ever try to offer me help when most of the old timers couldn’t seem to be bothered.  We seemed to hit it off and were friends for a long time until we had a falling out that was unfortunate and mostly based on  miscommunication.  I still miss her friendship till this day and hold no ill feelings against her.
  2. First SL Kiss: Sighs, Dreucel Divisadero was my first kiss and the one who started me down the path of romantic entanglements in SL.  Before him I always managed to keep men at arms length but there was a chemistry between us that I just could not resist.  One night at the end of September 2006 he took me to see my first live performance in SL and while we listened to Lyndon Heart sing, he leaned over, took my hand and kissed me .  Damn could that man emote.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: This would go to Dreucel Divisadero again because that kiss quickly turned so electric we couldn’t fight it for very long.  Just being near him or him entering a room would make me feel sparks.  So, I’d have to say beginning of October 2006 would have been the fateful night.  He ended up breaking my heart, but after some time we did manage to repair our friendship and even though we haven’t talked in a long time  his number is still in my phone and his face is on my RL Facebook.
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: My first boyfriend, then partner, then finance would be Matthew1 Mathieson.  A guy I had been dating suddenly vanished and showed no signs of returning and a friend of mine forced me out and over to The Shelter to be around people.  That was the first time I met him, I was so drawn to him I had to send an IM (something I don’t do often) and we had a nice chat.  Eventually we met again and talked and after some bumps I TPed him to a show I was at and within a short time we fell hard for one another.  I have to say from beginning to end our relationship lasted roughly three months perhaps slightly more (good ole SL) when I broke up with him a week before we were suppose to get married so that I could follow my heart to be with someone else.  That was probably the most foolish thing I ever did in my SL, not only did I break his heart but I lost one of the very few people that mattered most to me.  To this day I miss him and wonder where he is and how he is.
  5. First SL Job: I mentioned this one in another meme I did.  It was the first and only job I’ve ever had in SL, being a cage/table dancer at a club.  I want to say it probably only lasted two months, but was so much fun and I enjoyed hanging out, dressing sexy and flirting with the boys.  After the owners got involved with some asshats I quit and decided that working in SL wasn’t for me.  Although I still think about becoming a creator, I never get far enough to make it a reality.
  6. First SL Creation: I took a class in my early days of second life and learned how to make a fireplace.  I had a lot of fun doing it and actually used that fireplace in my first few homes way back in 2006.  After that class I took several more on how to make earrings and even how to make a flexi cape.  If nothing else it was a great way for me to learn how to use my editing tools better to move stuff around.
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I’ve never personally met or talked to a Linden before, I think I’ve seen one around, maybe, but never actually formally met one.
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity: Oh wow, I’d have to say the first time I sent an IM to Digby Smalls to tell him how great a job he did on one of his sets, we started chatting here and there and eventually he found his way on my friends list.  Even though we did chat and sometimes banter during his shows and I sexually harassed him endlessly during them too, I never quite got over his being this amazing sorta performer.  Cheesy I know.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: It’s name was Moonlight Salsa and Romance and it was a sim that was attached to the sim that I rented my home on for a  long time. There was a gorgeous waterfall, formal dancing place, wedding location and just little places to sit and relax.  You could go into the waterfall to all these little hideaway spots, but my fave spot was a little corner of the sim that had meditation pillows and I would sit there and listen to the wind chimes and watch the water flow by in the river.
  10. First SL Blog Post: Ugh, do I really have to show this? Keep in mind I had NO clue what I was doing and no idea about how to get shadows or how to do windlight or anything, but here goes.  I personally think I’ve come a long way.

flickr look 300-2


Skin: Glam Affair – Margot in America 02 (NEW @ Collabor88)

Hair: Truth – Lavinia in Blacks

Glasses: Boom – Minimalist Glasses in Cherry (NEW @ Collabor88)

Bracelet: ChiMia – The Typist Love Bracelet

Top: Tee*fy – Rachel Ruffle Sweater in Pink Floral (NEW @ Collabor88)

Shorts: Tres Blah -Denim Bermuda Shorts in Dark (NEW @ Collabor88)

Shoes: G Field – Deck Shoes Summer Pack

Poses: Elymode – Lunch Box Poses (NEW @ Pose Fair)

Lunchbox – Elymode – Sakura Blossoms Lunchbox (Lunchbox Gacha @ Pose Fair)

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Winter Frost

I’m so excited for today’s post, I don’t know what to talk about first, my outfit or the furniture!  Ok, guess I’ll go with my outfit.  After a day of feeling all black, I had a day where I wanted to feel light and airy and it was so easy to do with this fabulous newness from Sassy, DeeTalZ and Exile.  I’ve been waiting for someone to make great hat hair and Exile delivered this week in the form of three different styles, all mesh and all beautiful.  Then DeeTaleZ released a whole line of tights in so many colors and styles which got me so giddy because I love tights and except for Izzie’s I haven’t seen many tights I adore so much.  Sassy made my day with these gorgeous mesh dresses that come in a variety of colors that keep you both warm and sexy at the same time. You can currently find them at the Frost event.

flickr look 234

Now for my gorgeous surroundings.  When I saw previews for the Winter Pavilion from Second Spaces I knew I had to have it, it’s just what I wanted for my own winter wonderland and was also for a great cause. You can find it at the Together For Sway event and comes in the choice of a concrete floor or a wooden one.  I went with wood and made a few changes to it to make it more me.  It comes with the lights rugs, books, couches(not shown), coffee mugs(not shown), and it’s own art work.  Most of my personalized extras come from What Next but I also have the fantastic Scrabble game from Apple Fall that also comes from the Together For Sway event and adds that perfect touch to any space.  The Together For Sway is a wonderful benefit event for the designer of Sway’s, Sway Dench. For more info on it please check out this website!


Skin: Glam Affair – Renee Princess Skin RARE ( The Arcade)

Hair: Exile – A Winter’s Tale in Naturals – NEW!!

Dress: Sassy! – Frostbite Dress White (NEW @ Frost)

Tights: DeeTaleZ – Wool Tights White – NEW!!

Boots: G Field – Fur Cuff Sasha Boots

Pose: Focus Poses – Model Pack 119 – NEW!!


Pavilion, Table, Books & Rugs: Second Spaces – Winter Pavilion, Wood Floor (NEW @ Together For Sway)

Couch: What Next – Norwegian Wood Sofa

Artwork: What Next – Mixed Wintry Prints – NEW!!

Scrabble Game: Apple Fall – Let’s Play Scrabble (NEW @ Together For Sway)

Coffee: What Next – Rise & Shine Coffee Tray

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Smile Like You Mean It

Hello Lovelies, going to make this a quick post today!  Just had to show you more amazing newness from around the grid.  Hope you like this look at much as I love it!


Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic Jamaica01

Hair: Alice Project – Seohyun (NEW @ Around The World)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes in Rainshower Shadow

Lipstick: Censored – Safari Lipsticks 2 – NEW!!

Nails: Izzie’s – French Long

Hairband: .Charme. – Black Lily Hairband (@ The Outlet)

Necklace & Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Handcuff Set

Dress: Cynful – Vale’s Turtleneck Dress Black Suede (@ The Dressing Room)

Top: Medley – Boatneck Sweater in Red – NEW!!

Boots: G Field – Mesh Sasha Fur Cuff Boots Fatpack – (NEW @ FAIR)

Poses: Focus Poses – Model Pack 112 – NEW!!

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Heart Of a Girl

Just a quick post today to show you some incredible newness from .Evolve. and Maxi Gossamer with a amazing group gift from Exile.  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Shape: Mine (not for sale)

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic Jamaica01 – NEW!!

Hair:Exile – Betty Lou in Raven (Group Gift)

Necklace & Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Juicy Love Lips (NEW @ Collabor88)

Dress: .evolve. – prairie Dress in Pine – NEW!!

Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights Basics – NEW!!

Boots: G Field – Mesh Will Long Cuff Boots Fatpack

Poses: !Bang

My Killers, Absolutely Amazing. ❤

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Bring Cozy to Autumn Nights

Today I have so much to share with you, starting with the new Autumn Nights collection at Prism Furniture. I think the name is perfect to describe all of these pieces because they just seem to bring a cozy feeling to any room. The pieces that are part of the collection are the bookcase, plant, hutch, benches and are available for individual sale at the main store.  I do want to note that not everything you see on the hutch and bookcase come with them, but are available for purchase seperately and as always everything is copy/mod.  For larger view just click on the pics.

While enjoying this awesome furniture I’m wearing my new sweater dress from Elate which I absolutely love.  It went perfectly with the new hair from Exile that I also adore and decided to wear in blonde so that I could wear the September VIP gift skin from Izzie’s.  Adding  that something extra is the jewelry from {me.} which is so versitile and my fave boots from G Field that I’m sure will be a go to for me throughout the upcoming colder months.


Shape: Mine (not for sale)

Skin: Izzie’s – Faith Light Blonde (VIP Sept. Group Gift)

Hair: Exile – This Years Love Naturals Pack – NEW!!

Nails: Izzie’s – Classic Nails

Necklace & Bracelet: {me.} Jewelry – Ninna

Dress: Elate – Leah Sweater Dress in Blue/Green – NEW!!

Boots: G Field – Will Long Cuff Boots Mesh, Fatpack

Poses: Pic #1 & #2 – Animations in Prism Furniture Autumn Nights Bench, Pic #3 – aDORKable

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Vintage Fair Preview #3

The big day is finally here!  The wait is almost over!  Vintage Fair opens in just a few hours at 4pm slt!! Before it does I just had to show you a few more of my faves from Evolve, coldLogic, ChaChaDee and Bent!  From Bent we have the incredible stairway Escher prop that comes with over 20 different poses and is copy/mod.  Even though the dresses represent different eras they both are made of mesh and come in a variety of color or pattern choices.  The perfect pairing for the Brady dress were the super nifty 70s shoes from ChaChaDee that I simply adore.  I was in love with both of these looks!  The fair is filled with so much awesome this year that you simply can’t and don’t want to miss it!  Just remember that, like with all big events, try to do your best to keep the lag monster to a minimum and most of all have fun!  Remember there are three different sims to choose from and you can get a map of all three along with direct slurls at the Chic Management site! Happy Shopping!


Look #1 – 60’s

Shape: Mine (not for sale)

Skin: Izzie’s – Gala Skin in Sunkissed

Hair: Exile – She Loves You in Naturals Pack

Eyeliner: Acid & Mala – Black Eyeliner Excessive in Feline Bold & Gentle Fume

Lipstick: Censored – Yumy Lipstick 3

Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails

Bracelets: Je suis – Asymetrique Bangles in All Colors

Dress: Evolve – Twiggy Mesh Dress in Flower Power (NEW @ Vintage Fair)

Boots: G Field – Will Long Cuff Mesh Boots in Fatpack

Look #2 – 70’s

Shape: Mine (not for sale)

Skin: Izzie’s – Gala Skin in Sunkissed

Hair: Truth – Ebony in Blacks

Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails

Ring: Glow – Studio Birdy in Silver (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Tights: Strawberry Fizz – Classic Shade Tights in Taupe (@ Vintage Fair)

Dress: coldLogic – Brady Mesh Dress in Red (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Shoes: ChaChaDee! – 1970s Heels in Reptile Nude (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Poses for both looks: Bent – Inspire, Escher Prop (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Second Life fashion

Vintage Fair Preview #1

Vintage Fair 2012 is almost here!  The big day is August 4th and runs until Aug 29th showcasing over 250 different brands and their visions of vintage fashion!  This year’s sponsors are Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, ColdLogic, GizzA Creations, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations and Trompe Loeil residing on three well thought out  and awesome sims! A good place to start is at this TP Location on the North Retro sim but a list of all the direct slurls and maps of all three sims are available at  the Chic Management Website!

This is my first look from Vintage Fair, my first group of favorites that was inspired by this gorgeous dress from DCNY and necklace from Ingenue.  Both were simply love at first sight!   I’m a huge fan of cherries in rl so the necklace was a must have for me.  The dress from DCNY is actually a mesh skirt and top made of system layers, so there is the possibility of wearing the pieces separately if you wanted. I adore this entire look and the sweet innocence of it, much like that of times past. 


Shape: Mine (Not For Sale)

Hair: elikatira – Balance in Brown 04

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Forest Green

Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails

Face Piercing: Ivy – Vara (Subcribo Gift)

Necklace: Ingenue – Jubilee in Bing (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Ring: BenS Beauty – Pure Ring in Purple (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Dress: DCNY – Retro Rose Skirt/Top in Crimson, Partial Mesh (NEW@ Vintage Fair)

Shoes: G Field – Alex Strap Shoes in Patent Red

Poses: aDORKable – GoLightly Pack (NEW @ Vintage Fair)