Zen Dining

Hey!  Back today with a home and garden post featuring more items from this round of Deco(c)rate, which in my opinion was pretty fabulous.  Enjoy!
look 199_003-2

Di’Cor – Asian Pavilion @ Deco(c)rate

PewPew! – Zen Dining Set @ Deco(c)rate

Mesh India – Stone Lantern Light @ Deco(c)rate

Dysfunctionality – Twinkling Flower Bushes

Hate This – Tatami Square Mat


Sushi & Sashimi Time

Today’s post is filled with lots of goodies that you can find for this round of The Challenge.  I took the picture in the fab Little Tea House from Hate This since it gave the perfect location for the meal.  All the furniture is thanks to Cleo Designs and the amazing food is from Jian; I’m not even a huge sushi fan and looking at this makes me hungry! Finally, the little Cherry Blossoms on the bowls are from 22769 and I felt they were a great little accent to the table setting, but had to mention that they are not part of the bowl itself.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and just click the picture for a larger, more detailed view!

flickr look 721


Hate This – Little Tea House Open  / NEW for The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Asian Chairs and Table  / NEW for The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Asian Screen  / NEW for The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Asian Floor Lamp  / NEW for The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Asian Cabinet / NEW for The Challenge

Hate This – Tatami Mat / NEW for The Challenge

Jian – Sushi & Sashimi Time Set includes Drinks, Assorted Food Platters and Accoutrements  / NEW for The Challenge

22769 – Cherry Blossoms (on top of serving bowls)  / NEW for The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Lotus / NEW for The Challenge

Burgers & Baked Goods

The Multicultural Menu Event opened yesterday, June 1st, and will run until June 21st.  If you are someone who loves mesh food in Second Life than this is an event for you! It is filled with so much amazing food from all over the world and today’s post is showing you what four different chefs are serving up for you.

flickr look 719-2The first two pics are to show you the new, and quite fantastic, Bakery from 22769 which is quite a large set; It includes the building, decor and loads of different breads and baked goods that you would need for any good bakery. You can buy the items in smaller sets or all together.  I’ve also included pies from Hate This and Lamingtons from Second Spaces.  My third pic is to show you off the awesome new burger cart from Fetch.  That set includes the cart with or without food and all the items separate so you can choose what you want.

flickr look 719-3FIRST TWO PICS

22769 – The Bakery / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Bistro Table With/without Cloth / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Bistro Chairs / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Shelf with Bread / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Counter / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Counter Lamp / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Bakery Display with Bread / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Various Baked Goods including Berliner Pfannkuchen, Milk Breadrolls, Cookies, Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, Pretzels, Gnome Bread, Round Breadrolls, Hamburg Franzbroetchen / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Frames with Bakery Quotes / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Vintage Espresso Machine / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Coffee Mugs / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Coffee to Go Bag / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Vintage Register / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

Second Spaces – Lamingtons Done & Boxed / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

Hate This – Various Pies including Key Lime, Raspberry, Cheesecake, Blueberry and Pumpkin / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

Sway’s – Greta Potted Topiary Small/Flower

Alouette– Potted Daisies

Plethora – Cafe Board Style H

Mesh Plants – Hanging Fern V2

flickr look 719THIRD PIC

Fetch – Dimmu Burger Stand with/Food / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

Fetch – Dimmu Burger Items Including Burger Special, Soda, Fries and Burger with Mustard / NEW @ The Multicultural Menu Event

22769 – Waffle Cart Bistro Table

Sway’s – Walter Park Bench Light

Schadendreude – Dress Forms – Striped, Elephant Brocade, Plaid

My Boho Gazebo

Spring arrived back on my land a bit over a month ago and even though Etherian and I kept the same Farmhouse I wanted to make some changes outside.  That’s where the Toscana Gazebo from What Next comes in, once I saw that and Jake’s Messy Garden Sofa from Cheeky Pea I knew I had something.  The gazebo comes in three versions, and is texture change, as is the wood and pillows on the sofa.  It took me some time to put together since I was making it not just for a blog but for my land, when I thought it was just the way I wanted it I figured why not blog it!  I filled it with goodies from all over that are new and also some of my older finds I had in my inventory. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do the pictures but settled on a collage.  If this pic isn’t large enough for detail you can click on it to make it bigger, if it’s still too small head over to my Flickr page to check it out.flickr look 662


What Next – Toscana Gazebo with Fireplace/Lights / NEW!

Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Messy Garden Sofa / NEW @ Fameshed

Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Garden Table / NEW @ Fameshed

Sway’s – Pohoda Wicker Chair w/ Blanket / NEW @ Uber

Cheeky Pea – Hanging Rope Candles Jake ‘s Boho (tinted) / NEW @ Fameshed

Pure Poison – Boho Elephant Wall Deco / NEW @ Uber

Alouette – Miniature Zen Garden / NEW!

Zaara [Home] – Sandstone Elephant / NEW @ The Arcade

+Half-Deer+ – Spring Eternal Blossom Bird Bath / NEW @ The Arcade

+Half-Deer+ – Spring Eternal Garden Turtle / NEW @ The Arcade

+Half-Deer+ – Spring Eteranl Mira Fountain White / NEW @ The Arcade

Junk. – Round Boho Rug Turquoise / NEW @ Uber

Mirage Treasure Company – Tall Pottery Pink

Mirage Treasure Company – Pottery Burst

Mirage Treasure Company – Lighted Corner Plant Purple

[keke] – Lab Vase W/ Magnolias

Dysfunctional Designs – Branch Candelabra Table

A.D.D. Andel – Fortune Telling Ball Red

Krystal Fine Jewelry – Serene Candles Goldenrod / On Marketplace

Hate This – Books The Second Garden & Growing Herbs

Fri.day Home – Book Basket

What Next – Garden Paving Lit

The Challenge Goes Moroccan

Today is a quick post to show you some of the offering for this latest round of The Challenge.  Just some of the stores taking part are Hate This, 22769, Cleo Design and Kuro.  I only took a pic inside the gazebo but I have to say the outside is just has fantastic and deserves a look see.  It comes with a hud to texture change the walls and trims and also materials ready.

flickr look 522SHOPPING LIST:

Hate This – Moroccan Gazebo / The Challenge

22769– Moroccan Bench / The Challenge

22769 – Moroccan Tea Table / The Challenge

22769 – Moroccan Tea Set & Cups / The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Moroccan Pouf / The Challenge

Cleo Design – Earthenware / The Challenge

Kuro– The Three Lamps Blacks / The Challenge

Wild Wild West

The latest round of The Challenge is going strong with it’s current theme Wild Wild West.  As always the creators did such a fantastic job this round and I was rather blown away by the items they came up with.  Talk about outstanding.   Everything in my post today is from The Challenge except for the bottles and glasses I used for the bar, those came from Trompe Loeil.  Taking part in The Challenge are Hate This, Sway’s, Cleo Designs and UR Home.

flickr look 512GENERAL STORE:

Hate This – Western Store / The Challenge

Sway’s – Tuari Bench Sunset / The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Western Wagons / The Challenge

Hate This – Cactus / The Challenge

Hate This – Western Store Ladder / The Challenge

Hate This – Western Barrel Open & Closed / The Challenge

Hate This – Western Water Trough / The Challenge

flickr look 512-2SALOON:

UR Home – Saloon Bar Set Walnut, Includes: Bar, Back Bar, Bar Stools, Barrels Closed/Open, Table & Chairs, Chandelier, Poker Set,  Saloon Sign

Trompe Loeil – From The Dragon & Orchid Home Pub: Dark Beer Tap, Bottles of Beer, Bottles of Whisky, Bottles of Gin, Rocks Glasses

The Challenge, Pixel Mode & Convair

I have so many fabulous Home & Garden finds for you this post that come from the latest round of The Challenge, Pixel Mode and Convair.  All the pics that I took today were done in the fantastic Architect’s Loft from Convair which can be found at the latest round of Fameshed.  Also from Fameshed is Pixel Mode giving us a bit of futuristic girlie power.   The Challenge’s current theme is Glass and this post features brands  IDC, Hate This, Kuro, [Breno] and Cleo Designs, which all took part.  As always if you need a larger view just click the pics!

flickr look 465


IDC -Coastal Armchairs / The Challenge

IDC – Coastal Adult (or PG) Sofa / The Challenge

IDC – Coffee Table / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Wall Unit Table / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Abstract Glass Art / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Chessboard Tray / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Summer Beverage Pitcher and Glasses / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Candles / The Challenge

IDC -Coastal Flowers / The Challenge

IDC -Picture Frames / The Challenge

flickr look 465-2LOFT AREA:

Kuro – Kitsch Couch

Hate This – Glass Table / The Challenge

Pixel Mode – Crono Chair Pink / @ Fameshed

Pixel Mode – Crono Ottoman Pink / @ Fameshed

Pixel Mode – FLower Wire Floor Lamp / @ Fameshed

Pixel Mode – Girl Power Floor Lamp Green / @ Fameshed

Cleo Designs – Yellow Roses / The Challenge

Kuro – Rounded Rug Happy

Kuro – Mr. & Mrs. Bulb

Kuro – FLushing Bowl (Tinted) / The Challenge

flickr look 465-3UPPER OUTDOOR DECK:

Cleo Designs – Shell Chairs / The Challenge

Cleo Designs – Glass Table, includes books / The Challenge

[Breno] – German Beerstein Open/Closed / The Challenge

Tatty Soup – Tulip Jar Blush (tinted)

Artists Garden SL Botanicals – Red/Yellow Tulips