Berry’s Inventory and Groups Memes

Yes, it’s been a few days or a week since I last posted anything but that would be because I was out of town visiting family for a long weekend.  I take my trips home as a way to go off the grid and not spend any time on the internet and instead focus completely on my RL, which I think all of us should do from time to time.  It helps me return feeling a bit more refreshed on social media in general.  In this post I decided to tackle Strawberry’s Singh’s two recent Monday Memes since I found both of them to be interesting.  Well, I find all of them interesting to read but sometimes just lack the time to do them.  Before jumping into them however I want to make mention of the super cute Tennis Dress from Sassy! that you can currently find at the current She & Him event.  I also came across the Elephant poses from Kirin that I picked up at a past round of C88 and forgot I had, since it seemed like such a great fit with the dress I decided to use it!  Now on to the memes after the pic!

flickr look 372

Berry’s Inventory Meme

  1. What is your current inventory number? – 51, 801 and still a mess
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – My Glam Affair Lulu Skin
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? – Lili Sheer Blouse and Skirt from Mutresse
  4. Which item do you wear most often? – My Beetle Bones Starstruck Black Mesh Lashes, I never take them off, ever.
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? Two a Penis gesture a friend made(looks at Kimbra) and a tattoo.

Berry’s Second Life Groups Meme

  1. Have you reached the 42 group limit? No, I’m always sure to leave atleast three groups open at all times incase I need to join a group for any reason.
  2. Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? I haven’t had to as of late, but since I started blogging it’s more common for me to have to juggle groups or join a subscribo instead of the inworld group.
  3. What makes you want to join a group? If I love a brand and find that I shop there often, or if I enjoy a specific live performer or go to a club/gathering place often and want to keep up on any of the going ons and updates I will join the group.  I rarely join right off the bat and prefer to wait to see if it’s someone or something I want to support on a regular basis.
  4. A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees?  I really don’t  like paying to join a group because I feel being in that group should be support enough since I leave my groups visible and it’s free publicity for them.  However, if I love a brand and the incentives of being in that group are worth the fee than I will join, but try not to spend more than 300L to do so.  Some groups have outrageous costs to join and that just makes me think the owners are greedy.
  5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that. Gos Boutique, it has a small fee to join but is worth every penny with the incentives you get which includes 10% off all purchases and some incredible group gifts. All of us ladies love shoes, so why not get a discount on them.  Gossamer Jewelry, not only does she make amazing jewelry she is pretty generous with gifts. What Next, one of my favorite furniture stores that has regular group gifts, special deals for group members and earned credit that you can use towards future purchases. Anyone who loves home and garden should be in this group.  SL Blogger Support, this group is  a MUST for anyone who is a blogger in SL.  It is a wonderful support for more experienced and new bloggers alike, helping with anything from how to make your own windlight, great locations for taking pics in world and continual updates on events and stores that could be looking for bloggers.  This is my go-to for any help I might need when it comes to my blogging.


Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu Jamaica 02

Hair: Truth – Misty Browns 03

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Soft Majorelle Shadow

Earrings: Handverk – Enamel Elephant Earrings White

Bracelet: Izzie’s – Hole Bangles

Nails: Pixel Mode – Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

Dress: Sassy! – Tennis Dress Lime

Elephant/Pose: Kirin – My Little Elephant Pose Pack Pink

What I Did For My Rezday

For my rezday last week I had one goal for myself, get off my land and find a new sim I’ve never been to that would let me rez so I could take pics(finally) with my bike from What Next.  Shockingly that is exactly what I did!  I know, it’s taken me a week to get this posted but not feeling well in RL and being busy has caused me to lose some of my bloggin mojo of late.  When I took these pics everything I was wearing was still considered new, but a week later most of it can just be considered new-ish lol.

flickr look 349

The sim I found is called Britannia Island and although small, is very quaint and picturesque. The cobblestone streets were the perfect place to get away and pretend as if I was on a mini vacation.

flickr look 349-2

Nothing is better after a day of bike riding then taking in the sunset.  I had a pretty great rezday/birthday this year.  Thank you to anyone who took the time to say Happy Birthday, it didn’t go unnoticed.

flickr look 349-3


Hair: Truth – Jolene – Red04Fade – Newish Release

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic Jamaica

Lipstick: Pink Fuel – Glossy Pout Lipsticks Pinks – NEW!!

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep SKy mesh Eyes Soft Majorelle Shadow

Necklace: Pepper – Name Necklace

Shirt: Tee*fy – Basic Knot T-shirt Neon Pink (NEW @ Collabor88)

Shorts: Decoy – Caleigh Shorts Dark Wash

Shoes: Monso – My First Sneakers – NEW!!

Bag: Mon Cheri – Little Backpack (NEW Hunt Giftie)

Poses: What Next – Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop Ladies Singles

Cherry Cherry

NiNi Creations is back with new original mesh dress called Minnie and it’s absolutely adorable!  Of-course I went with the red version although it comes in several other colors and paired it up with the new Ingenue Lydia Slingbacks in red. I should note that I did tint the red a tad darker on the shoes so it would match better with the dress.  You also need to have the Slink Medium Feet for these shoes to work as well.

flickr look 346

Growing up my dad listened to Neil Diamond and for some reason the song Cherry Cherry popped in my head while working on this post so ya know what that means?  Gotta rock some Neil Diamond in this post!


Skin: Flounce – Lacy in Sunkissed W/ Cleavage enhanced and Luscious Sweetheart Lips – NEW!!

Hair: LeLutka – Scarlet in Bournville

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh in Soft Majorelle Shadow – NEW!!

Necklace: Ingenue – Jubilee Bing

Ring: LaGyo – Mia ring, with Hud

Dress: NiNi Creations – Minnie Dress in Red – NEW!!

Shoes: Ingenue – Lydia Slingback in Cherry, addons to Slink Med Feet – (NEW @ Collabor88)

A Country Girl?

One thing this blogger is not is a country girl.  I was born in the big city and even though I moved to a much smaller city for a huge chunk of my life I could not wait to leave there to return to the city again.  However, at the same time I can appreciate all that the country has to offer and my ideal living space would be just outside a huge city in a more rural neighborhood, so the best of both worlds. flickr look 345-2  As some of you may know Cupcakes closed it’s doors a short time ago and Mimi is back with her new brand, Flounce!  If Her new skin line Lacy is any indication of what is to come I’m even more excited.  Lacy comes in eight different tones, with multiple eyebrow and cleavage options.  There are also four additional lipstick packs you can get along with Lola/Tango appliers and also Slink appliers for hands and feet.  This skin was a perfect match for the  new eyes I picked up at Mayfly, a purple hue, which are very different for me but I’m kinda loving them and have worn them for days.  My fab maxi dress is from Drift that can be found at TDR Fusion for a few more days while my adorable purse is more newness from Flounce in their gacha machine.  There are several different ones and I got lucky getting the blue rare on my first try!

flickr look 345 STYLE CARD:

Hair: Exile – Hold On Loosely Naturals (NEW @ Fameshed)

Hair Flower: Tree House Treasures – Lilly Barrette Yellow

Skin:Flounce – Lacy Skin Sunkissed w/ Ice Cream Makeup, Lipshine Fairytale and Cleavage Enhanced – NEW!!

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Soft Majorelle Shadow – NEW!!

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Silver Heart Choker

Ring: Tree House Treasures – Lilly Ring Yellow

Dress: Drift – Zoe Maxi Picnic (NEW@ TDR Fusion)

Bag: Flounce – Wrapped Candy Purse Blue RARE (NEW Gacha Machine Item)

Poses: Glitterati (Closing Sale)

Golden Girl

flickr look 343

Since I am so in love with this outfit I just had to share it with you today!  After looking around the grid for a place to take a pic of this dress I finally decided to head back to my studio and take it there.  I found a few pretty sims but I couldn’t seem to find a neutral enough background that would let the dress shine the way I wanted it to. As you can see why, this sheer dress from Countdown is simply gorgeous and I couldn’t help but feel super sexy in it. The dress is Countdown’s June group gift and comes with a mesh skirt with the top and “glitch” pants being system.  I’m also loving the new Lulu skin from Glam Affair that you can currently get at the Arcade and these beautiful new eyes from Mayfly that are a group gift also.

flickr look 343-2


Hair: Lelutka – Canto in Jessica

Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 10 RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Boralis (NEW VIP Group Gift)

Dress: Countdown – Candance Gold (JUNE VIP Group Gift)

Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Tiger Lily Flower in Gold

Pose: !Bang

The Cami Dress

So  my sweet, incredible and super talented friend Lilly Juno just released her second dress for Immerse which she chose to name after yours truly!  Yep, someone likes me enough to name a dress after me and I have to say what an honor it is for me.  She captured me perfectly in this dress, whether it was intended or not,  even giving it a slight puff on the sleeves which I adore so much.  As always the detail, shape and textures are simply outstanding.  I’m wearing it in slate blue but it also comes in several other solid colors as well as two tone colors.

flickr look 266

I paired up my dress with the new shoes by Ducknipple that gave my look that touch of an edge that I wanted.  The Lena shoes come with a HUD filled with many color options and a rigged and unrigged version if you have to resize.  Giving me my gorgeous glow today is the Ramona skin from Al Vulo! that you can currently get at this round of TDR Fusion.  I can’t get over how stunning this skin is on me and how well it goes with the twinkle in my blue eyes from Mayfly.  Happy shopping!

flickr look 266-2


Skin: Al Vulo! – Ramona femme Fatale Sunkissed ( NEW @ TDR Fusion)

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes Vivid Blue

Hair: Exile – Beyond the Waves Naturals

Lashes: BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes Starstruck black

Necklace/Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Tarifa

Face Piercing: Pekka – Valentine Hearts (Group Gift)

Dress: Immerse – Cami in Slate Blue – NEW!!

Purse: HANDverk – Tart  Heart Clutch, Eat Me ( NEW Gacha)

Shoes: Ducknipple – Lena Shoes – NEW!!

Poses: Glitterati

Immerse Yourself

flickr look 265

Lilly Juno has recently re-branded her well known furniture store Prism Furniture into new store  Immerse and will now be featuring both furniture and clothing.  Her first fashion release is the absolutely gorgeous Eden gown that in my opinion is just breathtaking in it’s simplicity. I fell in love with it’s sensual curves, very low cut back and how the fit was so perfect. After I put it on I didn’t want to take it off and spent the day roaming the grid in this gown, I felt so amazing and elegant in it.  It was also a perfect match for the new Yummy Caprice jewelry set that you can currently get at Collabor88.  If you hurry you can get Eden in colors Mulberry or Seafoam for only 60L but only for this weekend, and that is one deal you do NOT want to miss!  Your direct TAXI to Immerse.

flickr look 265-2


Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic Jamaica

Lipstick: Cupcakes – Emilia Glitter Gloss Fuschia – NEW!!

Hair: [elikatira] – Theory in Essentials

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes Vivid Blue (Group Gift)

Jewelry: Yummy –  Carice Set Color (NEW @ Collabor88)

Dress: Immerse – Eden in Royal – NEW!!

Poses: !Bang