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Eclectic Autumn

look 832_003

+Half-Deer+ – Pumpkin Candlesticks LI:1

Spruce – Ai Art Autumn Cats LI:1

Apple Fall – Carter Lamp Bronze LI:2

Ariskea – Thanks Carrot Cake LI:2
Ariskea – Thanks Pumpkin Cake LI:1

Chez Moi – Porter Set @ Access
-Accent Table 2 LI:1
-Armchair LI:2
-Chair LI:2
-Pillows LI:1
-Sofa LI:9

Dreamland Designs – Bingley Antique Rug LI:1
Dreamland Designs – Bingley Fireplace LI:4
Dreamland Designs – Bingley Livingroom Table LI:4
Dreamland Designs – Tibetan Wooden Room Divider LI:6
Dreamland Designs – Autumn Farmhouse Pumpkin Tray LI:3

Disorderly – Delightful Pumpkins Dome LI:1

Elm. – Celeste Crystal Lamp Darker Crystals LI:5

MudHoney – Azalea Trunk LI:2

Pitaya – Blanket chest (all colors) LI:6 @ Salem

InsurreKtion – Phone Box Bookshelf LI:7 @ Shiny Shabby

Moss & Mink – Watercolor Pumpkins LI:1

Vespertine – Autumn Fruit Platter LI:2
Vespertine – Bunch of Autumn Branches. LI:3
Vespertine – Chinese Paper Lantern Branches. LI:1

What Next – Autumn Leaves Candle 1 LI:1
What Next – Framed – ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit) LI:1

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That Simple Black Sexy Formal

look 831 Combo

Hair: Faga – Camila, Color Tinted

Head: Lelutka – Avalon

Skin: Glam Affair – Adele, Tone Beige

Eyes: Veechi – Doe Eyes, Hazel, EvoX

Eye Shadow: Cazmi – SuperNova Shimmer Soft Purple

Lipstick: Velour – Alex Lipstick

Necklace/Earrings: Secrets – Brigite Set Gold

Nails: Veechi – Baby Boomer Stilleto Mesh Nails

Nail Applier: Veechi – French Tips

Rings: Vibing – Luna Rings Gold

Tattoo: Witchcraft – Akiko

Dress: Just Because – Mahari Gown, Fatpack

Champagne: ChicChica – Blackberry Chammy

Pose: Versuta. – Enamour

Location: ChicChica

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Fall Picnic at Naples Dock

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been gone for a few months due to RL, but I’m back. I’m excited to bring you today’s post which is inspired by Fall, my favorite season. Even though the Naples Dock from Chez Moi can be used on the water it can also be used on land, for a little cuddle spot.

look 830_001

Spruce – Floofs: Pumpkins Natural 2, 3 LI:1
Spruce – Spirit Box Cards LI:2
Spruce – Sweater Weather Pillows 4, 5 LI:2

Chez Moi – Naples Dock LI:8
Chez Moi – Naples Branch Light Pole 2 LI:3
Chez Moi – Off Road Car LI:38
Chez Moi – Acacia Decor Blankets LI:2

Tarte. – Mini Pumpkins Basket B Variety Colors LI:3
Tarte. – Mini Pumpkins Solo

What Next – Summertime Radio Decor LI:1
What Next – Fall Woodland Cookies (log) LI:2
What Next – Fall Woodland Caramel Apples Tray LI:1
What Next – Plates & Fork – Decor LI:1
What Next – Pumpkin Roll Cake LI:1
What Next – Sweater Mugs (leaf) LI:1

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Feeling Glam

look 828 combo

Hair: Truth – Eclipise

Head: Lelutka – Avalon

Skin: Glam Affair – Cirina, Tone Caramel

Eye Shadow: Veechi – Hayana Shadow, Blue 80%

Lipstick: Lucci – Iconic Matte

Earrings: Yummy – Hoop Set, Single Pearl Row

Nails: Veechi – Long Almond Nails, Basic Glossy Gels @ N21

Rings: Yummy – The Romantic Ring Collection

Tattoo: White Widow – Loving, Pink

Shirt: Just Because – Beatrice Top, Fatpack

Skirt: Just Because – Beatrice Skirt, Fatpack

Body Chain: Just Because – Beatrice Body Chain

Shoes: KC Couture – Oska Heels, Fatpack

Drink: ChicChica – Cocotini @ Collabor88

Pose: Luanes World – My Pretty Flower 2

Backdrop: Pitaya – P&G Glam Backdrop

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Cottage Dwelling

Hello my lovelies! I hope this blog post finds you doing great and healthy. I just returned the other day from one of my many trips home to see family in RL and dove right back in to my blogging. Today I bring you some newness from Cheeky Pea! The Coquille Cottage’s unique design has both a rustic and modern feel at the same time. I took it a tad rustic and added accents from Dreamland Designs, InsurreKtion and Lagom. As always for a more detailed look just click the pic and head over to Flickr to zoom in.

look 827_001

HEXtraordinary – Pink Dogwood Wreath LI:4

Cheeky Pea – Coquille Cottage LI:246 @ Wizarding Faire

Botanical – Wild Clover 2m Dense LI:1
Botanical – Wood Sorrel Rev.1 Medium Sparse A LI:1

Dreamland Designs – Send Me An Angel Wild Garden LI:15
Dreamland Designs – Wild Flower Garden LI:15

Fundati’s – Great Grass II LI:2

Lagom – Old and forgotten Butter churn LI:1
Lagom – Old and forgotten Washing bucket LI:4

Sway’s – Beth Wall Lantern LI:3

Dysfunctionality – Lattice-Top Fence Tall LI:1
Dysfunctionality – Stoney Path LI:1

InsurreKtion – Barrels Collection @ We Heart Roleplay
InsurreKtion – Valhalla Long Hall Set Stool LI:3

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Breakfast With Grandma

look 826_001

Spruce – Boho Runner Rugs 12

Lagom – Wall Laundry Line Cutesy LI:13

Nutmeg. – Painted Dresser / White LI:6

InsurreKtion – Breakfast Time
-Boiled Egg #1 LI:1
-Buns Tray LI:1
-Coffee Brewer LI:2
-Cup of coffee LI:1
-Donuts LI:1
-Fruit Platter LI:1
-Lamp LI:2
-Milk Jar LI:1
-Pancakes Plate LI:1
-Pancakes Tray LI:9
-Place Mat LI:1
-Sugar Bowl LI:1
-Toasts LI:1

InsurreKtion – Grandma Kitchen Basil LI:2
InsurreKtion – Grandma Kitchen Laurel Pitcher LI:1

InsurreKtion – Grandma Kitchen Storage Set
-Eggs LI:3
-Tableclothes LI:1
-Vegetables LI:8

InsurreKtion – Grandma Kitchen Deco Set 2
-Knives LI:1
-Measuring Spoons LI:2
-Rolling Pins LI:1
-Spice Rack LI:2
-Wood Chime LI:4

North Oak – Scandinavian Dining Collection @ The Fifty
-Adam Wooden Chair LI:2
-Cuttingboard Decor LI:2
-Ioane Dining Table LI:3

North Oak – Mediterranean Baking Set @ Equal10
-Baking Tools LI:1
-Blueberry Bowl LI:1
-Butter Bowl LI:1
-Lily Vase LI:1
-Measuring Cup LI:1
-Muffin Bowl LI:1
-Muffin Plate LI:1
-Stacked Plates LI:1

What Next – Devon Sideboard LI:2

Scarlet Creative – Daylily Cottage LI:94

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Beach Bright

look 824_001

Peaches – Kiska Summer Picnic Summer Blanket LI:3

Dreamland Designs – Elisa Glamping Set
-Tent RARE LI:14
-Floor Cushion LI:2
-Round Floor Cushion LI:2
-Round Rug LI:2
-Small Table Blue LI:3
-Green Lantern LI:3
-Blue Lantern LI:3
-Yellow Lantern LI:1
-Outdoor Fireplace LI:5

ChicChica – Picnic Wine Set
-White Wine LI:1
-White Wine Glass on Stand LI:1
-White Wine on Stand LI:1

Lagom – Glamping chair LI:2

Pitaya – Cool Beach Umbrella, Fatpack LI:15
Pitaya – Cool Cooler Bag Yellow LI:2

Location: Luanes World

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The Way She Sparkles

look 825_004

Hair: Truth – Monsoon

Head: Lelutka – Avalon

Skin: Glam Affair -Helena, Tone Beige @ The Fifty

Eye Shadow: Veechi – Demi Shadow Silver

Lipstick: Lucci – West Lipstick

Rings: Yummy – The Romantic Collection

Tattoo: Carol G. – Sensibility Tattoo Color

Nails: Veechi – Long Almond Neon Jelly Nails

Top: Just Because – Jakayla Top, Fatpack @ Fameshed

Skirt: Just Because – Jakayla Skirt, Fatpack @ Fameshed

Pose: FoxCity – Effortless 1 Pack

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Ophelia’s Room

Hello my lovely readers. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here and I apologize for that. It was something I always enjoyed doing, and although I can’t promise I will write on every post, I will do my best to get back to it. Today’s post was inspired by both the new Ophelia bed/table set from Chez Moi and the sexy wire art work from MudHoney. The bed and tables come in one wood tone and you can change the color of the blanket with a hud. I tinted the lamps in edit mode to be red but normally they are a silver. I chose the wire art in canvas but you can also get them on wood or just the wire on their own. As always if you want a closer look just click the pic and head on over to my Flickr. Hope everyone out there is doing well and taking care of themselves.

look 823_002

Atelier Burgundy – Morris Rugs Orange/Red Leaves LI:3

Chez Moi – Ophelia Bed LI:18 @ Cosmopolitan
Chez Moi – Ophelia Night Tables 1 & 2 LI:4

MudHoney – Erotic Wire Art Set
-Booty Canvas LI:1
-Cover Up Canvas LI:1
-Art Kiss Canvas LI:1
-Art Mouth Canvas LI:1

Tarte. – Rattan String Lights Slight Curve LI:1

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Is This Dress the One?

look 822_002-2


Lagom – Victorias Peace
-Frame LI:1
-Hatbox LI:1
-Mannequin LI:6
-Mirror LI:6
-Rug LI:5

Lagom – The Mannequin Collection Charley 3 LI:4

What Next – Storage Box Colours 1 LI:1

Garbaggio – Shoe Clutter Blaire LI:1


Hair: Truth – Lullaby, Brunette

Head: Lelutka – Avalon

Skin: Glam Affair – Lyna, Tone Beige

Eye Shadow: Veechi – Havana Shadow, Love w/ Black Liner @ Summerfest 2022

Lipstick: Lucci – Matte Obsessed

Jewelry: Mandala – Closer Set @ Access

Rings: Yummy – The Romantic Ring Collection @ Collabor88 June

Dress: Just Because – Imani Gown, Fatpack @ Uber

Pose: Luanes World – Be Wonderful