My Seventh Rezday!

Yep that is correct, I turn seven in SL today.  I still wonder where all the time has gone and can’t believe that I am still in world after seven years, afterall I still remember thinking about leaving a few months after I started.  Just like in RL my life in SL has gone through so many changes, so many chapters, many of which have helped mold me to who I am in both lives.  People under estimate how powerful the world of SL can be, the friendships you make here and the experiences that you can have.  I know that if it weren’t for SL I would not be the person I am today, which in almost all cases is for the better.

Something I’ve always wanted to do was put together a collage of the many skins I had over the years, the many looks I have had.  So I thought why not do it now for my rezday.  I have to admit the old me makes me cringe and I still can’t believe I thought I was hot shit back then, but then I remember how primitive many things were when I first started.

flickr collage 1

I bought my very first skin from Adam and Eve the fall of 2006 and wore it for about a year and a half.  At that time I was stuck in thinking (like many do) that if I changed skins that I would lose who I was, but it only took demoing some new skins to realize how wrong I was about that.  My second skin was from Starlet which was Simone’s skin store, at the time I absolutely LOVED that skin, now I look back and wonder what I was thinking!

flickr collage 2

Around the beginning of 2009 I found Tuli and stayed with her skins for many years to follow; including when I started blogging in 2011.  They were gorgeous and suited me so well.  Hard to imagine that the first fatpack I got of hers was around a lot compared to the cost of a fatpack now, but it was so very very worth it.  I got many makeup options, which a good thing in the days before tattoo layers.

flickr collage 3

When Tuli went MIA for some time I eventually had to breakdown and found a new skin that I loved which was Mia from Lara Hurley.  I wore that until the day I tried on Roza from Glam Affair and have been with that skin since.  Granted now that I have been blogging so long I tend to change up my skins more often and right now have three that I may use on a regular basis.  However, Roza is still what I consider my main.

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane in picture form, I know I enjoyed putting it together.  I could probably ramble on about all the changes I’ve seen in SL but I might save that for another post.  On a side note, tomorrow is my RL birthday too, it wasn’t planned that both days would be back to back but that’s what happened.


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